USMC Combat Woodland Jacket
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    USMC Combat Woodland Jacket

    Rah Marines,
    I'm on the hunt for the 180s Woodland jacket at the moment and I don't know where else to turn. A little while ago, one of my Staff NCO's was wearing it around the shop and I've been trying to find one ever since but to no avail. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this request under but thanks for any help regarding this matter.

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    you're young enough to learn
    to search.
    and OLD enough now to know how
    to search........

    marine corps woodland green camouflage jacket
    marine corps woodland green camouflage jacket

    We used to have an admin on here who
    had a Miltary Gear site-
    trying to scratch the almost now "non-exestant
    brain cells in the base of my housing group..
    to recall his name.
    "marine corps woodland green camouflage jacket"
    Will give satisfactory results most likely
    perhaps even ?
    ebay , Craigslist, or the like ....

    Good Luck and welcome aboard

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    Sgt Leprechaun

    IF i am not mistaken was the past
    administrator here on LN.

    He had interest in US CivilWar Re-enactments,
    and i think he also did a side business in
    ?Military Surplus.....

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    No place for disrespect and belittling here.
    OP, welcome to the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcorps76 View Post
    No place for disrespect and belittling here.
    OP, welcome to the site.
    I concur...

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    Thank you gents for the welcome. And the CWJ that I'm looking for is the 180s, I've been looking for it anywhere you can imagine, from ebay to craigslist, even looking around some surplus stores online near Cherry Point and Lejeune. Its a marpat design and you can find the desert ones but the woodland one is where the rarity is at. I just posted on the off chance that someone here either has one or knows someone who has one that might be interested in selling it or something. Regardless, I appreciate all the help and thanks again for the welcome.

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    Give it some time...others might be along to help

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    I do in fact have a couple, haven't thought about getting rid of them.

    What size are you looking for???

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    I'm looking for Small Regular, my Staff Sergeant might be looking for a Medium Long or Large Regular. Since it's allowed to wear over the cammies, I rather wear that than a regular ol goretex.

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    I too am on the quest for the elusive CWJ, would you happen to have a Medium or Large you are willing to part with?

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