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    Sgt Abbate

    Sergeant Matthew Abbate sprinted around in a live minefield breaking an enemy ambush, clearing a landing zone, and evacuating critically wounded casualties.
    Sgt Abbate, a Scout Sniper from 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, patrolled with his squad through Sangin, Afghanistan on October 14, 2010. Taliban fighters opened up on the Marines from multiple positions. The patrol leader fell. The rest of the squad scattered for cover. As they spread out, two Marines and the patrol Corpsman suddenly stepped on anti-personnel mines, knocking them down one by one in rapid succession. The Marines were unaware they had entered a live minefield. Still under fire, Abbate ignored the danger and sprinted through the area, directing the remaining Marines onto targets and suppressing the enemy with his own weapon. The Taliban broke contact in the face of the Marines accurate fire.
    Abbate called for emergency medevac of the wounded, then swept the area for remaining explosives that could prevent a chopper from landing. While he cleared the LZ, the Taliban resumed their attack. Abbate again ran through the minefield, took charge of the remaining Marines, and led them in a counter-attack. The Taliban broke off once more, and Abbate called in the LZ secure for evacuation.
    For his inspiring initiative and uncommon courage, Sgt Abbate received the Navy Cross. Though he survived the ambush and minefield, tragically, the award still came to him posthumously. Two months later on another patrol, the patrol leader called in “danger close” air support to break another Taliban ambush. The bomb fell less than 500 feet away from their position, causing secondary detonations of IEDs in the area. Shrapnel stuck Abbate across his shoulders and head, killing him. Matthew Abbate was veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, an outstanding Marine, and loved by those who served with him. He was 26 years old at the time of his death, survived by his wife and son.

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    The true kind of hero.

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    2 my younger 3/5 brother, S/F Marine.

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    Semper Fi warrior.

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    RIP Brother....

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