would rather not mess this up before the ball
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    would rather not mess this up before the ball

    This year will be my first Marine Corps ball in 4 years and the first one where I have awards on my chest. I've somehow been either deployed or excused from every ball since I was a lance corporal with one ribbon. Now I apparently have 9 ribbons no idea how to interpret my DD214 to order my ribbons. I need help.

    My biggest concerns are:

    Sea service deployment ribbon (2)
    Selected Marine Corps Reserve medal (2)

    Does the (2) mean that ribbon rates a bronze star on the front?

    Someone please come help out this boot. Thank you gentlemen.

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    all else fails,
    sometimes the answer comes
    with the answers you give yourself,
    othertimes the words you use for the search.

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    sometimes yah gotta do it yourself

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    You can use ezrack builder to arrange your ribbons correctly.

    The (2) ribbons with subsequents rate a single bonze star for each addl. award - centered on the ribbon.

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    sorry *dirtbag

    i got bumped out of time trying to edit that after posting-

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