Prior service recruiters?
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    Post Prior service recruiters?

    Are there any prior service recruiters on here?

    I'm a prior service Marine interested in going reserves. I've talk to a couple prior service recruiters only to be given the answer that basically because I'm no longer on contract it's nearly impossible to get back in.

    Why is this? FYI, I'm MEPS medically cleared this past year because I was looking into going Army Reserves.

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    I'm not a recruiter, but...the wars are over, the military in general is cutting way back. The Marine Corps especially (including reserves) is undergoing a significant force reduction initiative. And almost all of those cutbacks are from enlisted ranks. It's my belief that if the Corps needed people your expired contract status would not be that much of an issue.

    Did you try Army Reserve or just think about it?

    I was in a situation like you many years ago, prior 6-year active duty E5 looking to reenter the reserve but told their manpower needs were met...and ended up joining the Air National Guard. Some Guard units have MOS OJT.

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