Read special attention to the last paragraph by the DOJ...
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    Read special attention to the last paragraph by the DOJ...

    Getting an abortion while trans was always hard. In Texas, a new law puts outsized burdens on them

    Mabinty Quarshie, USA TODAY
    ·9 min read

    The summer before Emmett Schelling's senior year of high school, he was sexually assaulted. Schelling, who was 17 years old, found out in November of his senior year he was pregnant, around the time he was going to sign a letter of intent for college.
    Schelling, executive director of the Transgender Education Network of Texas, is a parent as a result. Though he did not seek an abortion, the decision to become a parent was deeply personal, especially as a trans man in Texas, Schelling told USA TODAY.
    Schelling's story highlights how the battle over abortion rights in the Lone Star State often excludes the experiences of trans men and nonbinary people – communities that face extra burdens when it comes to reproductive care.
    A Texas law banning abortions after the six-week mark – before many people know they are pregnant – without any exemptions for rape or incest, mobilized abortion rights supporters at the end of August and early September, who decried the law's effects on women.
    Advocates said the exclusion of trans men and nonbinary people from news coverage on abortion obscured how much the law hurts those groups.
    “I think what we're seeing with the impact of this law is that it's hurting the most vulnerable people. And so certainly trans and nonbinary people fall into that category,” said Amna Dermish, regional medical director at Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.
    For Schelling, the law has a personal dimension.
    "This happened to me in my life,” Schelling said. “The ability to make that decision, because it's a lifelong commitment to be a parent. You are essentially forcing someone to live a life that they have not planned and they had not anticipated or expected and, in some cases, did not want.”
    More: Supreme Court declines to block Texas abortion law that bans procedure at six weeks
    After the Supreme Court declined to temporarily block enforcement of the Texas law, President Joe Biden called the ruling “an unprecedented assault on a woman’s constitutional rights under Roe v. Wade.” News coverage of the law tended to focus on the ways it affected cisgender women – women whose gender matches the sex they are assigned at birth – without any mention of trans men or nonbinary people.
    The fate of Senate Bill 8 is unclear. U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman of Austin blocked enforcement of the law Wednesday, calling it an "offensive deprivation of such an important right." The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily reinstated it, prompting the Department of Justice to ask a federal appeals court to stop the law again.
    “It shouldn't be something that is legislated by the government in terms of how people need to make decisions for their own lives and what kind of medical care that they need to receive to be the best selves that they can be,”

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    go ahead BillyMongoose,

    Tell me he has the ballz to
    tell us who -
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    America: Welcome to the Freak Show.

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    We have become the laughingstock of the world.

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    What I'm talking about is the DOJ said that it shouldn't be something legislated by the terms of how people need to make decisions for their own lives and what kind of medical care that they need to receive to be the best selves that they can be. HUH????? Is that not what the Government is doing with the Covid Vaccine? What's it called when the President or the Governors mandate you to receive the vaccine?? What was it called when Civilians were fined and their tax returns garnished because they didn't have ObamaCare?? In other words if the Demo's do it, it's in your best interest....but, if a Republican does it, it's totally unconstitutional and inhumane. They wouldn't want me to choose between saving an innocent Baby or kissing the azz of a low life piece of gay "SCUM".

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    Covid Mandates, yet the Senators are exempt, not the Congressmen/Justice Depts...

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    Mike, you and I have always been on the same page.....tell me Brother.....what would you consider the last straw before pay-back? I would like for all members to elaborate on what's the last step before crossing the "That's It" line.

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    Line's already been crossed IMO. And it's too late to reverse the damage. Country's on a nose-dive to a 3rd-rate socialist state. Fringe groups, sexual deviates, effeminate whiners and Black racial extortionists run the place now.

    The social justice movement and the so-called progressives have gone from exerting pressure to enacting laws. It's only a matter of time before people will be jailed for posts like this one.

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    Your right on.....America will have special Federal Prisons for Political Inmates, just like Russia used to have. If you disagree with or challenge the Progressive agenda, your dead meat. Mean while, our Conservative Republicans stand in the corner with a thumb in their mouth mumbling like retarded Idiots....

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