Treasonous acts
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Thread: Treasonous acts

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    Treasonous acts

    I know ONI said we can't disrespect the 'administration', and its cronies, but what about top brass that disrespects our country and would undermine our military action.
    If gen. milley really did call china as he is accused, maybe it's time to bring back the firing squad.

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    He is a piece of scum.....

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    Traitor who got caught, plain and simple.
    He should be dealt with as such.

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    This Admin will not do sh@t. he's part of them and their crookedness...

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    I am a retired clinical psychologist. I was one of the folks who pioneered combat PTSD (, a USMC combat vet of Nam and after an active duty US Army psychologist. Your dear leader has been well diagnosed w/Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder w/Psychopathic Traits. His easily observed 24/7 behavior over the years makes it an easy diagnosis. His generals did exactly the correct procedure after Jan6. What surprises me is that they took so long to protect the world from this man; your dear leader. Geeezus guys, get yer **** together!

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