A Slap in the Face
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    A Slap in the Face

    To every family of every Marine killed or wounded in combat with the Taliban.

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    Sorry Brother.....that should be to every Marine who ever served...that picture disrespects all Marines.....

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    Thank you China Joe.

    Has anyone else seen the Jock Willink video where he says what he would have said if he were president?


    This current administration is a disgrace.

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    Jock's video went (I think) viral. Well stated by a true patriot.

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    Air power alone could've killed a ton of these bastards when they were moving in big formations and mechanized convoys during their offensive these past two months.

    That's how we stopped the NVA during the Easter Offensive in '72.

    It may not have changed the inevitable outcome but it would've slowed it way down, allowing more time for evacuations and putting some significant hurt on these arrogant turds.

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