Do you have to obey an order if you’re off of work, in civis, and the weekend?
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    Question Do you have to obey an order if you’re off of work, in civis, and the weekend?

    Random thought but like for example if a corporal on duty tell you to take off your hood in the barracks, and you’re in civis on a Saturday, do you have to listen?

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    Short answer: Yes.
    Long answer: Is it worth the possibility of office hours to obey a silly order that is easy to obey? It's not like the corporal is ordering you to go out and dig a 100-foot long trench line. Always obey orders that are legal, no matter how stupid they seem.

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    Good answer, Chris. I have a feeling that boot camp instruction isn't what it used to be. Just a thin veneer applied that can wear off very quickly----.completely unsurprising in 2021.

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    I can't speak for the current Marine Corps, but when I was in if you didn't listen to what a corporal told you to do, you would find your ass being handed to you by ALL the NCOs.
    It didn't matter whether we were "on duty" one not.
    (Drunken and /or unlawful orders excepted of course, but I don't remember any instances of those)

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    YES .. What else did you not learn Boot?

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