How the HelX is everyone today...???
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    How the HelX is everyone today...???

    With the news and world completely mad and ugly, I thought I'd just ask how everyone is doing...

    Things are not the same anymore...


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    Went to a local mall yesterday, Closed stores Macy's / Sears even the auto tire store!
    Very depressing atmosphere all around!
    Just not a normal thing anymore!
    It so reminds me of Cuba/Venezuela atmosphere?
    This crowd running things remind me so much of the commies who protested in the late sixties early 70's.

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    Our State is going against all the stupid **** Biden and the Progressives are dealing out. Texas is pretty well back to normal......just waiting for the next dose of fear mongering to take place.

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    I'm holding on to any nuggets of sanity, like the governors of Florida and Texas (and a few others) who are banning vaccine passports in their states, and the governor of Arizona blocking any forthcoming federal gun control measures from being enforced in the state.

    The actions of these few make me think there might be hope we can survive this current attack on the Constitution and our way of life.

    In the meantime, I continue to prepare for the worst, and make plans to move to one of the southern states as soon as I can.

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    Well for me,It seems we have a president that's lost his mind and a loony VP who is mad in the head !!!
    And all The democrats with there heads up there azz

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