CarlosDanger & Biden Bimbo'z DANCING DEMOCRATS
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    CarlosDanger & Biden Bimbo'z DANCING DEMOCRATS

    The question now-
    and for the next two weeks-

    Who'z gwanna win
    knowing HUNTER's computer story-
    MainStream Medias NO-tell
    Democrats keep'um in the dark

    rust never sleeps

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    I mean ,

    the Feds/ FBI = have had the machine
    for the past ? ten months and NARY
    a bleep said- or spoken about on the
    IMpeachment trial on PresTrump.......

    never trumpers
    and swampers .....

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    Early voting paves the way for easy voter fraud.

    Progressive's, the media and the polls all favor the demonic Left, the polls have all been in favor of Biden even when he's absent, this gives them room for fresh printed votes for his win...

    Biden needs 4 days to get drugged and programmed for his final debate, look at how wide his eyes are open when he's juiced...

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    Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated.......

    Near christians gotta wish unto others ???
    what they'd wish unto themselves ???

    or do i have to turn athiest ????

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