Marines in haiti 1915-1934 era
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    Marines in haiti 1915-1934 era


    I am looking for old, various, unpublished pictures of Marines taken between themselves in Haiti between 1915-1934 in Haiti for a school project. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Please advise,

    Jacques ALBERT

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    Hello Jacques, seems like you are looking for something very very difficult to find. What is your research topic exactly and why you need such rare photos?

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    I think there is a treasure trove in those undocumented pictures taken by the marines using their personal cameras to photograph landscape, surroundings, people during their mission in Haiti back them. These pictures might be lying in Attics from various States in the US waiting for a revival or not. I know my search is not easy but why not try give it a shot. Impossible is never a word for the marines.

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    Good luck finding pictures 100+ years old.
    PS: Marines is always capitalized.

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