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    for US, it will be "more of the same", for the "newbies", the ones that don't go to boot camp, have multi colored hair and studs in their faces it'll be "pass the crack pipe and get on the bed".....

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    Eventually, they will phase out boot camp completely. What would there be to train for? Sitting around with no weapons, practicing nice behavior toward the misunderstood "enemy"? The Marine Corps' role will be much different than it is today. But some recruits, even with boot camp online, will still get PTSD from when the DI raises his or her voice, even a little bit.

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    Regarding the original post, all I can add is that in every contact/firefight I was engaged in--14 of them including my last when I got medevaced--most of our shooting was either close contact (jungle trails), done during movement to cover, firing for all kinds of positions, postures, terrain and visibility conditions that very rarely coincided with bootcamp rifle range TTP.

    And in almost all cases, those of us with M16s fired semi-auto in contact for more control and accuracy and less wastage of ammo. We each carried about two-dozen 20-round mags (we never had 30-rounders) in ammo bandoliers, each with 19 rounds, every 3rd to 5th round a tracer...on full-auto those mags would've emptied too quick and quick resupply was not an option for independently-operating Combined Action Platoons.

    So while I think the new rifle qual conditions are overdue by a few decades, I still think the Corps needs to keep some element of long-range precision shooting training for all 03-MOSs. Desert/mountain/urban/rural terrain will at times demand that "old Corps" marksmanship.

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    Well Said, and accurate....

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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