Former Marine Trevor Reed, Political Prisoner in Russia!
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    Former Marine Trevor Reed, Political Prisoner in Russia!

    Former Marines Trevor Reed and Paul Whelan are being held as political prisoners in Russia. Please visit our website at freetrevorreed dot com and twitter at freetrevorreed. Sign up for updates. Trevor's judge dismissed all the evidence that proved him innocent and then sentenced him to 9 years in prison. The longest sentence for this charge in over 15 years. Trevor did not hurt or intend to hurt anyone. CBS News shows a video of Trevor telling the judge he would not plead guilty to receive a lighter sentence. Please share our website, Twitter profile, and news articles about Trevor. We could use help from our fellow Marines and veterans to keep attention on Trevor and Paul's imprisonment. Thank you, Semper Fi!

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    unless this individual completes his profile within a "reasonable timeframe" I am going to consider him as just another SPAMMER and treat him as such....

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldtop View Post
    unless this individual completes his profile within a "reasonable timeframe" I am going to consider him as just another SPAMMER and treat him as such....
    You old Meanie........

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    Oldtop, I completed most of my profile. I didn't join the website nine years ago to send spam now. Please allow me to share info about my Marine son imprisoned in Russia. Looking for social media support from other Marines and vets. Former Marines should not be targeted when they go on vacation in open nations. Over 100,000 Americans visit Russia each year and millions from other nations. Semper Fi.

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    Very sorry to hear about your son. You'll have to forgive Oldtop, he is just doing his job. We have hundreds upon hundreds who just join and put down DB or HR, and no profile, and are asked many times but still refuse to complete it. It took you 9 years to complete it. LOL. Maybe go thru channels to the White House re your son? See what happens. Directly or via senators/reps, as long as they are not democrats. Sometimes things get done behind the scenes. Good luck. I would contact people and get the story out there.

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    Not a problem, Marine... I, too, am sorry to hear about your son... Dave has given you some good advise, and short of finding another "Mad Mike and his Wild Geese", I can't think of anything more that you could do that you are not already doing... Good Luck, and Semper Fi

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    Thanks oldtop!

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    USMC 2571, We are working with the State Department, the Embassy, one of our Senators, our Congressman, and others. Each branch and division of the government doesn't always have the same priorities and are not always coordinated in their efforts. There is a group that helps coordinate efforts in these situations and they are involved. Even with that being said, it is important to keep as much attention on the situation as possible because elected officials are concerned about votes, elected officials then act to guide or push an administration or agencies to act. The media is what is needed to get the voters to voice their concern and get the ball rolling and keep it rolling. Poor Austin Tice, a former Marine Captain has been hostage in Syria for over 8 years. My god. It seems like means other than third party negotiations should have been used by now. But it takes a lot of effort to locate someone in a hostile country. Anyway, we want to get Trevor's name on TV which he has only been covered online and on ABC's Live Internet Channel. There are arms negotiations being discussed with Russia and it seems like some other things should be happening to facilitate that type of activity. Other than calls and emails by family and friends, we have not reached out directly to POTUS or Biden. We don't want internal politics to become a factor at this time. Are there any influential former Marines that might speak out for Trevor and help gain more attention from other Marines and vets? I have been surprised at how little response there has been from Marines young or old. I know my son's Marine friends would do anything for him, but I'm not sure Semper Fi means what it used to mean to most of us.

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    Maybe Ollie North could get your son's name out and add some public awareness?... I don't know if he has any "social media" sites where he could be contacted, but if he does, that might be of help, since he frequently appears on various TV shows...

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    Thanks OldTop, I will see if I can contact him.

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