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    L.A. Reels After


    ‘I’m Sad, I’m Mad’: L.A. Reels After Deputy Kills Black Man During Bike Violation Stop

    Pilar Melendez

    ,The Daily BeastThe family of a 29-year-old Black man fatally shot by deputies during a traffic stop over a bicycle code violation on Monday has demanded accountability and justice amid a fresh wave of protests.
    Family members say Dijon Kizzee was fatally shot by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputies after they attempted to stop him while he was riding a bicycle in violation of vehicle codes. Almost immediately after the incident, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in outrage, chanting for justice as they marched to the South L.A. Sheriff’s Station on Imperial Highway.
    “Right now I’m sad and I’m mad at the same time” Fletcher Fair, Kizzee’s aunt, told reporters on Tuesday. “Why us? We are tired. We are absolutely tired.”
    The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said that when the deputies tried to stop the man, he dropped the bike and ran—prompting a foot pursuit and a physical altercation. During the scuffle, the man allegedly dropped a bunch of clothes that were in his hand. Deputies said they spotted a black handgun and, at the same time, opened fire, hitting him several times.
    “Our suspect was holding some items of clothing in his hands, punched one of the officers in the face and then dropped the items in his hands,” Sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Dean said Monday evening. “The deputies noticed that inside the clothing items that he dropped was a black semiautomatic handgun, at which time a deputy-involved shooting occurred.”
    It was not immediately clear what vehicle code Kizzee had violated while riding his bike.
    A doorbell video released by ABC 7 that reportedly came from residents who witnessed the shooting appears to capture at least 15 gunshots.
    This is #DijonKizzee, 29 yrs old and shot and killed by LA Sheriffs after being stopped for a bike violation. Cops handcuffed his lifeless body. While police investigations can drag on for months/years, cops have already claimed he ran away, and dropped clothes and a gun. #BLM pic.twitter.com/pM6mQfWLeQ
    — Kristen Clarke (@KristenClarkeJD) September 1, 2020
    Video of the incident shows a man running from deputies with what appeared to be a ball of clothing in his hands. The video then jumps to two deputies on the sidewalk with their guns drawn, while a man is on the ground. Another portion of a witness video, posted by Fox 11, shows the man's body on the ground behind a pickup truck as angry bystanders yell at deputies. At one point in the video, other deputies arrive at the scene and at least one appears to be leaning over the man and putting handcuffs on him.

    Sumfolk didn't listen to the
    "PO lease"-
    ? his momma never told him -?

    and he never found his daddy?

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      Those poor ole black men......they just don't know how to behave around real men with guns.....

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      With some people feeling more emboldened by the current "social climate", it's no wonder every idiot is going to fight back when being arrested. Too bad, so sad when they get shot. We can only hope that Trump is holding back until after we sweep the election, then he'll take the gloves off and start using the Feds to set things right in any place that the governors/mayors won't.

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      I've said many times that 8-9 out of 10 will fight the cops to stop their arrests if they thought they had a chance. The difference back in the day was that we didn't give them much of a chance. If they still tried fighting us we simply transported them to the hospital instead of jail so they could be fitted with their turban and treated for their other wounds.

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      Good post, Russ---once these azzhats get out of control and are ALLOWED to, they keep going more and more and more. They have to be stopped, but no one seems interested in doing that. We would not let a pack of wild dogs terrorize neighborhoods, so why allow this nonsense? Answer---NO BACKBONE.

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      the current "political atmosphere" fostered and supported by the "left" is all about the "rights of the downtrodden and long abused black man", as opposed to the "rights" of the rest of society to live in peace and harmony, free of the fears of oppression, abuse, and loss of life or property.... the criminal is being "deified" by the left in order to get the VOTE of those that support lawlessness, ie: the LAWLESS... I doubt that even the left will continue to support chaos and anarchy beyond their ascent to the white house... they are willing to do and support ANY activities that will give them THE POWER... but once they have that power, those that gave it to them will likely be the FIRST to "feel the bite of the wolf" that unlimited and unrestrained power gives.... one need only look to EVERY PREVIOUS ascent to power of a communist dictator to see what is in store for the USA once the constitution has been rendered impotent and meaningless by a citizenry too ignorant and dumbed down to even comprehend what they are throwing away when they embrace "socialism" as the cure for all of their "perceived problems"...

      Si vis pacem, para bellum

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      William, best post I've read in years.

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      William, also, the numbers are studiously ignored.....police officers killing blacks, blacks on blacks, whites on blacks, citizens killing police-----the number of cops killing citizens is MINISCULE compared to the other categories. There is no outrage when a black kills a cop, just the other way around-----------WHAT IS MOST INTERESTING is that the Left does not care one bit about what the perpetrator was doing just prior to being shot.

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      prior activities by a dead person mean NOTHING, because it most likely cannot "further the cause".... which is FUELING DIVERSITY...... all of this talk about "DIVERSITY" is totally disheartening to me, UNITY has always been our goal, NOT DIVERSITY... unfortunately in today's world, DIVERSITY is being worshipped as the only means of acceptance by the world for the LBGTQ, the Black, Latino, Asian, and all "FRINGE" groups ... but by pointing out and heightening "being different" only increases DIVERSITY, which continues to promote disharmony and conflict, whereas UNITY in truth, would include acceptance of everyone, and promote harmony and peace..... but it would DENY POWER to those that use discord and diversity as a means to ascend to power.....

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      Si vis pacem, para bellum

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      Top, you should be running in the elections!

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      Oldtop, I'm gonna make you famous as I posted your two excellent posts on this page to Facebook !

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