Officer in the process of Commissioning--need info on MOS, reserves, other info
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    Officer in the process of Commissioning--need info on MOS, reserves, other info

    Good Evening,

    I am on track to commission as an officer once I get out of school, I am currently listed as an air contract however I have a few questions about other careers within the commissioning process.

    Flight was my top choice originally, however I am exploring other options so how set-in-stone is your MOS before you commission? Second as I look into the Officer MOS roles I am also interested in geographic intelligence, such as enlisted MOS 0261, what if any officer MOS's are similar to that field?

    Lastly, as my parents age I may want to care for them after I get out of school and thus the reserves are not totally out of the question. What is the process into becoming an officer in the reserves? Do you still have a dedicated MOS if so are some not compatible with the reserves. I know on my current path as a pilot I would have to serve a 6 year air contract. Can I still follow the flight path and go into the reserves? If I went the reserve route I would be looking to serve the one year active duty.

    If you have any info on any of my questions, a response would be greatly appreciated!

    Semper Fi!

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    I know little to nothing about a lot of what you have asked, but I do believe that changing you MOS once committed to is darn near impossible, as for example my MOS is 0331 and that was set in stone for me, IE frozen, I could get a secondary but only after first serving for 2 years in my primary... as for going reserve, that I believe, depends on you initial contract, I do not believe you can just change willy-nilly at least not for the enlisted, maybe Officers are different, but I don't think so...

    as far as your Parents, I commend you on wanting to see to their needs, but as an officer in the Corps, you should be able to see to their needs by way of a myriad of services that are out their and with their SSI along with a few more Bucks you kick in they should be well taken care of...

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    ALL officers in the Corps are considered to be in the "Reserves" from the time they are commissioned... they are required to serve a specific time on "active duty" based on MOS, whish once given USUALLY becomes their permanent primary MOS.. based on the individual's performance and the "needs of the Marine Corps" an officer is given the opportunity to be "augmented" which makes that officer "Regular Marine Corps" where he remains until he either retires or "resigns" his commission ... I strongly suggest that you make absolutely sure about what MOS and what "career path" you want to pursue BEFORE you accept that commission...

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    Keep your air contract and donít look back. There are limited Marine aviation slots in the reserves (for after you complete you active duty service obligation), however there are plenty of Army and Air Guard and reserve units that will take rated military aviators and retrain then on whatever airframes they fly.

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