Moving to Okinawa
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    Moving to Okinawa

    Good Evening Gentlemen,

    My name is Pfc Niedbalski, Iím here in cherry point North Carolina as a student, my mos is 6483. I just got orders last week that are for Okinawa Japan, I wanted to stay here but now I got orders to Japan. I was wondering if anyone on here could answer a few questions I have to ask. I was planning on getting married before my c school but with this travel ban they wonít let us take leave or even leave base, so my question is, is how will I be able to change my orders To accompanied from Unaccompanied. I plan on taking leave and going home to get married if anyone could help me out that would be amazing.

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    1) how long is you tour to Oki. for?
    2) Have you spoken with your admin on this
    3) if your tour is for less than 3 years, you will have to pay all the expenses for your spouse to travel to Oki. and you will have to pay for housing on your own if you can find it there...
    4) if your tours is for 3 or more years than you should be able to have you spouse accompany you there...

    that is unless things have changed since I was in many moons ago...

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    When I was in (mid 80s), orders to Oki were usually for a year.
    If you can't be away from each other for a year, you've got a tough road ahead trying to get everything sorted out so she can be with you over there.
    Good luck trying to sort it out.

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    Back when I was in ,you had to have orders for a 3yrs tour of duty.. and then you can have her to go with you.. I would talk to your C.O. and see if he can change it to Three yrs. for you..Good Luck...If you are a Mechanic for planes you might go to Fatima air base there in Okinawa ...The weather is very warm and you will sweat your but off. LOL..

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    Well you will not be authorized leave in conjunction at the current moment especially with a travel ban and all this COVID lunacy going on. There is going to be a certain level of figure it the eff out. Have your SO come to NC and go to the courthouse if it is so important (keep in mind your present and future commands may frown upon these actions). In regards to getting your orders changed someone will have to speak to your monitor to get your orders changed AFTER and only AFTER you are married. If you are not married the greater Marine Corps doesnt care.

    I am also going to throw up a huge disclaimer I am not telling you to go with COA A or B you are a grown ass adult and you figure out what you need to do for you and your own.

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    Young love, now that's nostalgic.

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    Russ, you haven't seen "young love" in 60 years......

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    WTF, are there no Sgt's, Gunny's or 1stSgt's anymore to answer these kind of questions...???

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    Just the young dudes trolling the old farts

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    Billy, I'll have you know that I have thousands of memories of young love. As I always told the ladies "Me love you long time."

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    As a PFC your chances of getting an accompanied tour (3 years) is probably nonexistent. Take your unaccompanied tour and get it over with. The separation may be good for the relationship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtMajUSMCRet View Post
    As a PFC your chances of getting an accompanied tour (3 years) is probably nonexistent. Take your unaccompanied tour and get it over with. The separation may be good for the relationship.
    Wise words.
    If the relationship can survive the year of being away from each other, then that that may help to make it even stronger.

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    Marine, have you talked with your SGT? Or any NCO to see what they got to say?

    I hate to say, but I think most of us cannot answer this question because we're EAS/RETIRED. Where im going with this is, YOU need to speak with your chain of command to figure it out.

    Last, but not least, dont be afraid to ask questions. What are they gonna do PT your whole MOS school till you die?(Probably)

    PS: Dont be that Marine to save this question to the end at the friday libo briefing.

    Doesnt end well.. Trust me. - Yut

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