Gutting the Corps... W T F . . .
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    I think CMC needs to have their head examined... who is this Commandant, a leftist jack-wagon? what the fetch is wrong with his head... good grief... he has to be a fairy...

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    Well hell....everything else is turning into shet. This old Country will never again, be what it was in our era.

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    15 man squad is twice the size of our squads in the Nam and we did pretty good. No more tanks and loosing 3 battalions of grunts, WTF does he think the MC is anyway. If things get bad in the future you can send in all the rockets and drones, but it still will take boots on the ground to neutralize the survivors of the enemy. And no one does that job better than us (past tense). The MC world turned upside down. Just saying.

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    IMO the CMC and his staff should be keel hauled. The son of a Bytch is no fvcking good. If he has his way the Corps will be no longer. Whether he likes it or not; he should leave the Corps alone, and he should be fired by Trump.

    ThisSOB is not a Marine! He's a piece of shivt.


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    Loosing respect for the CMC. So many changes, not needed. We will need Marines on the ground, tanks, etc......and not women (sorry) Fighting Men/Marines...the Few.
    Semper Fi

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