We need more Women like this in the Navy.......
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    We need more Women like this in the Navy.......

    BOSTON — A U.S. Naval officer who is facing involuntary discharge because of a policy restricting transgender people from military service has filed a lawsuit that aims to force defense officials to allow her to continue serving.
    The federal lawsuit, filed Tuesday, is the first legal challenge to the policy since rules went into effect in April 2019 stripping transgender troops of rights they secured under the Obama administration to serve openly and to have their medical transitions covered in their health benefits, lawyers said.

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    The officer, a transgender woman stationed in Massachusetts, is seeking to transition and serve in the Navy as a woman, the lawsuit says.
    “This is a moment when we need all hands on deck, and there is absolutely no justification for discharging somebody who is continuing to meet all standards and wants to continue to serve,” said Jennifer Levi, transgender rights director for GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders.
    A Department of Defense spokeswoman said it is aware of the lawsuit and is reviewing the filings.
    Under the new policy, people who have undergone gender transition are banned from enlisting, and military members who come out as transgender and seek a transition face discharge. Service members must serve under the gender they were assigned at birth unless they began a transition under less restrictive Obama administration rules.
    Four other lawsuits seeking to overturn the policy are pending in court and are expected to go to trial, but the Supreme Court last year ruled that the ban could go into effect while the cases continued.
    The latest lawsuit only seeks relief for the officer, who is not named in legal documents to “minimize risk to her," her lawyers said.
    The officer has served for nearly a decade, including two extended tours as a surface warfare officer, according to her complaint. She was diagnosed with gender dysphoria two months after the policy went into effect in April 2019 and told her commanding officer she is transgender shortly after, her lawyers said.
    "Lieutenant Doe is now subject to discharge for being who she is, unrelated to her fitness to serve in the military," the lawsuit says.

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    fine, send him to Gitmo to wait trial and make him stand guard at the sea's edge and count waves... (no pun intended)

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    Pat, that is relatively SEVERE punishment for that poor heshe, you should have a bit more "compassion".... I'd assign him as "head monitor" in the WOMEN's head for whiz quiz inspections...

    you know, when I first came in the Corps, most of the "BAM's I saw fit into the category of "shehe's, and most of them could probably have given male Marines a serious azz whipping in an even fight...

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    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    William, this woman was a D.I. SSGT. in the Corps in the 70's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    William, this woman was a D.I. SSGT. in the Corps in the 70's
    ahh, actually... no.... I wasn't....

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    she looks like one of the very first BAM's I ever saw....

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    hahahaha... the stuff nightmares are made of...

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    That is scary.

    I was at Futemna, Okinawa in late 1974. Some idiot decided to streak the WM's barracks. Unfortunately, he knocked on the non-rate's side first and he was able to streak through there. However, by the time he got to the NCO side, they were well alert and gave him an azz whipping he wouldn't forget. He was happy to see the MPs.

    Some of those WM NCOs were MMA material.

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    the ones I saw at Pendleton in 1966 looked like a "bull dyke convention" at a gay pride rally.... meanest, looking shehe's I've ever seen....

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    Never saw any good looking Bams / Wac's /Waves ! first time I saw a Bam was probably Lejuene?

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