22 years!
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Thread: 22 years!

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    22 years!

    It will be 22 years in April that I lost my husband to a sudden heart attack due to exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him. Fortunately, I found a veteran's magazine that I picked up when I was volunteering at a VA center in Martinez, CA, that said I was entitled to benefits. I applied and was granted a check every month deposited to my savings account.

    Please let others know about these benefits.

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    Dee Dee,

    Bummer about your hubby, even though it was 22-years ago. I'm having my own AO issues now.

    BUT, concrats on getting some benefits out of the deal.

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    I'm glad for you Honey as well. They never should have used that stuff, I'm told that I contacted it from drinking the water. Keep your head high. S/F

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    I've had off and on problems with skin cancers , caused by contact. So far nothing real serious. Glad your being helped, Sweetie...

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    Thank you all for your replies!
    Dee Dee

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