Commissary & PX privileges
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    Commissary & PX privileges

    For those that have not heard, if you are a VA rated Service Connected Disabled Veteran, or have been awarded a Purple Heart, you now qualify for Commissary and Exchange privileges... you will need to present your VA hospital ID card showing that you are Service Connected at the gate to gain entry...

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    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    Howdy OT....

    I wouldn't mind checking out a base commissary but Fort Riley Army base is the closest to me since we moved to Kansas last October.
    Guess I'm SOL to take some advantage of this interesting change in policy.

    Hope you and all here are healthy and doing well.

    (Just noticed your sig...."If you want peace, prepare for war" )

    Carry on....

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    Not really, do what I do when I decide to go to the big stores at Keesler AFB in Biloxi... make a day of it, shop, eat, and generally have a good time... go home tired and happy.....

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    Hey OT....

    For me....we'd have to "make a day of it"
    Fort Riley and McConnell AFB are both just shy of 3 hours drive.
    I assume any military base would be OK to visit in this context....but, I really don't know.

    Honestly, it would feel strange being on a military base a quite nostalgic sort ot way.

    Have a great weekend....carry on.

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    any base with a commissary or PX... I think you can also use MWR facilities.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    That's cool. i think I'll check out the PX at Warren AFB, next time I go to Cheyenne for a VA appointment ... Haven't been in a PX or commissary in decades. Should be fun.

    My Dad was a career Soldier (WW2, Korea, Vietnam). Grew up going to commissaries, and PXs. I bagged groceries at the commissary at FT Carson, when I was in high school, and went to the PX frequently as an active duty Marine, and later as a contractor for the Air Force, in Thailand, and Greenland ... memories

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    I live within a few miles of 2 MCX and commissaries. Do not shop at either. The prices are not what they once were, especially the MCX. If you buy a big ticket item such as a TV or computer, you will save on the tax but that's about it. Unless you troll the MCX every day looking for bargains, you will not find any. Same with the commissary. With 5 Walmart's within a 20 mile radius of me, and other large stores, the bargain are outside the Bases. Not worth the time or effort to go on Base and shop.

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    I think they changed it to where if you have some sort of %age rating with the VA you can get unlimited base access. Don't quote me on that though. Not sure why anyone would want to go to the MCX or comissary they might have a deal here or there and I guess moto gear (im still in so I dont have the nostalgia yet). MCCS is the worst they are the mafia and want to gouge you for every cent you have.

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