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    During 68 most of our walks in the park and other combo camping/hunting trips were against the NVA Regulars. They were worthy, many times they stayed and duked it out with us before we killed them all. No prisoners though.

    I did see a NVA officer in full uniform once at An Hoa though out walking around. We were in our living area so we didn't have our weapons close. Come to find out he'd been with the Air America folks there and he was out for a smoke break we were told. Yeah, sizing us up if you ask me.

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    Russ, if he was with "Air America" he was probably concluding some kind of drug deal, and wasn't interested in anything but money, and living long enough to spend it... most likely making plans to defect if he hadn't already, and come to the good old USA, where he could become a wealthy "country gentleman"..... LOL....

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    Charlie was made up of mostly Cowards....killed more of their own people than they did of us. However, the NVA would stand their ground and fight. Also, we had no POW camps for prisoners, because we didn't take prisoners.

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    Amen brother Billy. 2 much trouble/risk to take prisoners.

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