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    Anyone carry one of these babies......

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    I’d carry it Under my Armpit for any of them Dem Faggot Commies that wanted too Drill me in my 6

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    good to see that someone else thinks that the STONER was a real piece of work that WE should have adopted instead of the M16... the first real "weapons system"... the basic rifle could be configured as a rifle, carbine, light MG, vehicular MG with remote trigger... weighed about a pound or less more than the original M16, and was 100% more reliable out of the box... funny thing is that it was also a product of the mind of Eugene Stoner, father of the M16....
    Billy, we need to make those pistols readily available in the Middle East, and in ghetto neighborhoods here, might reduce the crime rate by triple digit figures!!! … of course the "suicide rate figures would correspondingly go up....

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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