A Dying Breed.
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Thread: A Dying Breed.

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    A Dying Breed.

    Having been born in the 40's and growing up in a God fearing Patriotic America, I consider those like me as a dying, almost extinct breed. Unlike recent generations, we can speak with experience. Having been there and done that, makes us somewhat an expert on the anti- American, anti-Christian, radical bullshet, that has taken root in our Country. There was a time when we would have been praised for whopping the azz or worse of these low life scums that are destroying a once great Nation. I say once a great Nation, because America is only a shadow of the stomping grounds we come of age in. Whether we like it or not, we are nearing the end of our journey. So I say to my Brothers here on LN, we may not be able to respond with real Frontier Justice and eliminate the ability of these Progressive azzholes to breath....but we can do the next best thing.....'Vote for Trump' and the Conservative Americans running for local, State, and Government office. I have been known to be a genuine Azzhole.....but at least I'm a Patriotic Christian Marine who loves America......I'm also proud to be a White Man whose Great Grandfather fought for the South in the Civil War. May God help us all.....

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    well said, Billy… and may Our PRESIDENT prevail over the low life scum that would remove him from office ….

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    Agreed 100% Billy and Top...

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    This country has sure gotten ugly...

    However, it's not over yet...

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    that is for sure and for certain, FO...

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    the "trial" starts today, I hope that after all of the blowhards are finished spewing their hot air and BS in the opening presentations, that the senate brands the entire proceeding as what it really is, a "hate Trump sham", and acquits him of any and all wrongdoing, then censures every member of congress that voted to impeach and brands them as traitors attempting to carry out a "political coup"...

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    Either way, I believe the leftists are done, finished, and are gone for a very long time... I have not seen this much outrage by Trump supporters ever... they are about a frogs' hair away from going to blows or blood...

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    Pat, we haven't got a lot of time left on our old bodies. I will willingly give up what's left to fight for a Christian life for our Descendants. We are without a doubt the last line of defense to ensure a moral life for Americas Children.

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    True Billy, here in Dearborn we have a huge Islamic contingent and trouble makers, I would love nothing more than to run a bulldozer through there and send all the non-American jack wagons back to where they came from...

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    Let me know when Pat....I would like to operate that Dozer, Brother.

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    I can just see the big smile on your face as you're leveling the area, and I'd be up on the highest part of the Dozer with a 60 just in case anyone got stupid and tried to rush it... and of course I'd have a huge grin on my face as well...lol

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    I'll be right next to you, Pat, with my spray gun and a large supply of pig blood... be like "chumming" for sharks off the Florida coast..... the GRIN will be there as well.....

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    Yes, we are a dying breed. We here are men with values, honor, our belief in God, and we never walk away from responsibility. Many of us have given oaths to our brothers to never quit them, to the last.

    Whenever I go to biker events where vets might be, out of the corner of my eye I always keep a look out for other grunts. It's always been easy for me to pick them out by the look in their eyes. Unfortunately, I see very few of them today. When I do, we recognize each other, talk for a little, then because of who we are, we part and go our separate ways. Damn, I miss our/my kind - dinosaurs, maybe the world will one day miss us. Just saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irpat54 View Post
    True Billy, here in Dearborn we have a huge Islamic contingent and trouble makers, I would love nothing more than to run a bulldozer through there and send all the non-American jack wagons back to where they came from...

    Wow Pat, Didn't know you were in Dearborn?.....a lot of family up there in the 50's 60's 70's all gone now! I'm with you older fellas! I was born in 49 so I just made it I'm almost to the point of setting up sandbags around my place !

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    I don't live in Dearborn, I'm a few hours away, I live in west Michigan in a town called Pierson, but I've been through there a few times...

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