What are you doing for the Marine Corps Birthday...???
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    What are you doing for the Marine Corps Birthday...???

    November 10th...

    I'll just spend some quiet time with friends and celebrate quietly...

    What will you be doing on this special day...???

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    Going to the Marine Corps Ball in Redding Ca

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulWill View Post
    Going to the Marine Corps Ball in Redding Ca
    Redding, Ca I didn't realize your only about 650 miles South of me...

    Have a good Birthday Paul... SF...

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    I, as well, will be spending a quiet time at home, maybe pull out some old super 8 videos of my time in the Corps and reminisce a bit...

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    I'll be doing basically the same as FO. Quietly observing the birthday and making some beef jerky.

    I haven't gone to a Ball since 1999 as I moved to Florida the next year. I had been going to the Detroit RSS Ball as I knew recruiters from meeting them as a police officer. I wore my Air Force uniform which raised eyebrows until they saw the Good Conduct Medal.

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    Staying home as I can't afford the ticks this year...

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    Semper Fi

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    I will Honor the Corps and all it stands for sitting here at home

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    I'll also Honor Our Corps and Our long lost brothers by riding down to Punta Gorda where they have a permanent 1/2 scale VN Wall. There's a small lake in front of the wall and from the far side I can see the entire wall. This is where I meditate and thank the God's for sparing me and the rest of y'all here, I still have a very difficult time getting closer to the wall.

    I often wish that I knew/remembered the REAL names of my lost brothers from the Nam so that I could look them up on the wall, especially Wop. But I know that they still know.

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