Elizabeth Warrens LGBTQ rights plan
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    Elizabeth Warrens LGBTQ rights plan

    Senator Elizabeth Warren called for placing transgender prisoners in detention facilities designed for the opposite biological sex in a new LGBTQ rights plan released Thursday.
    “I will direct the Bureau of Prisons to end the Trump Administration’s dangerous policy of imprisoning transgender people in facilities based on their sex assigned at birth,” Warren wrote in the plan.
    Under the plan, transgender inmates would be placed in detention facilities that correspond to their gender identity rather than their biological sex, and would be entitled to tax-payer funded gender transition surgeries.
    Both Warren and fellow candidate Joe Biden have expressed support for tax-payer funded transition surgeries before. At a September 20 Iowa LGBTQ conference, Biden said that the surgery should be covered by Obamacare.
    In January of this year, Warren changed her stance on government-funded transition surgeries after it emerged that she had dismissed the notion that taxpayers should fund the cosmetic procedure in a 2012 interview.
    “I have to say, I don’t think it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars,” she said at the time.
    Bill de Blasio also declared his support for tax-payer funded gender transition surgery in July during his own presidential bid. De Blasio has since dropped out of the Democratic primary field following lackluster poll results.
    Warren has consistently run to the left of the Democratic field on social issues since beginning her candidacy. On Wednesday she released a plan designed to combat climate change and “climate injustice,” pledging to invest $1.5 trillion over a decade to stop global warming and to help minority communities allegedly disproportionately affected by the warming.
    “Our crisis of environmental injustice is the result of decades of discrimination and environmental racism compounding in communities that have been overlooked for too long,” the plan states.

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    these progressive commie jackwagons need to have anchors tied to their feet and tossed off of an LPH in the middle of the ocean...

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    I concur Pat...

    All of this pandering to the "Whatever's" is beyond disgusting, they account for less then 1/3 of 1%...

    Yet they want all of their agenda forced on the rest of us...

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    Mike, it has been a long time since the majority of something, meant anything. It's all about the Socialists goal of eliminating free will. There are no boundaries for the immoral, but, the Righteous are labeled and limited. We need to wake the fvck up.

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    for sure and for certain, Billy you hit the nail on the head...
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    I call it a democracy of 1. I sure wouldn't allow my granddaughters to be part of any such insane BS program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by advanced View Post
    I call it a democracy of 1. I sure wouldn't allow my granddaughters to be part of any such insane BS program.
    I couldn't agree more... if my Grandsons wanted to join something like that I'd take them to the nearest conservative schrink I could find and then go and knock some sense into my Daughter and Son-in-law...

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    can SOMEBODY please explain to me exactly HOW "climate change" can "disproportionately affect" minority communities, and HOW Ms. Warren thinks she or we can "change the climate"????? and I'm not even going to go into the LBGTQ issue, because no matter WHAT is done in that regard, there would be grounds for a lawsuit for causing "irreparable psychological harm" no matter which gender facility you put one of these mental defectives in ...

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    Maybe we ought to reestablish Portsmouth Naval Prison and let the dem's experience what misguided Marines went through. Make it even tougher than in the past.

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    GREAT IDEA, Russ, while we're at it, make EVERY congressman and senator, state and federal, spend 30 days there as an inmate on "pi$$ and punk"... we'd better do SOMETHING, for sure, or we will eventually become little more than a "footnote" in world history... doomed to die out from being "too civilized", and because the birth rate dropped to ZERO because our citizens could not figure out which bathroom to use, much less which GENDER they were...

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    Ya'll come on now. Don't tell me when you were growing up you didn't dream of being a girl. You're just mad because in your era, you would have been crucified for being transgender.

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    you must be "misremembering" Billy, the only thing we thought of was being in a girls panties, not being one….

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    Ain't that the truth.

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