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    1OKay-Marines Birthday is November 10th-Sorry...Was Excited to Talk to you ,my Marines...Always Faithfull-FistFu-Mongoose-Still Breathing.....

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    ​Hello Montana....Get Better......God Bless Always.....

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    Doc.....glad your still kicking, Brother. I guess we all need a little down time, now and then....

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    Well, I'm still here and as strong as ever, I simply take little vacations from time to time. Since the rainy season down here pretty much stopped last month and beautiful weather is back till next summer I've been taking advantage and riding my 2 Indians more than ever. Life is Good. Welcome back Y'all from the past, I hope you stay for awhile. S/F

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    October 13th, 1775 is the Official Birthday of the US Navy...

    November 10th, 1775 is the Marine Corps Birthday...

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