Climate changes due to shifts in solar orbit, not human activity
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    Climate changes due to shifts in solar orbit, not human activity

    According to NASA scientists, so-called “climate change” is mostly driven by factors unrelated to human activity. A past study by the agency found the Sun has been the main factor behind changes in the Earth’s climate over the past 1,000 years.

    Scientists say our planet’s solar orbit has changed several times over the past centuries. This resulted in a warmer climate in the Middle Ages, or medieval period, and a global cooling in the 14th Century known as the Little Ice Age.

    NASA’s findings suggest so-called “man-made climate change” is a political narrative to impose economic control over the global population. The agency has reportedly known about this since 1958. However, its findings seem to have been buried in the archives, while the global push of climate advocacy has taken the forefront of world politics.

    The Milankovitch Climate Theory shows the tilt of the Earth’s axis along with changes in the solar orbit is the cause of change in climate — not factors surrounding human activity.

    Nonetheless, global warming continues to be a hot-button issue worldwide, especially since figures like environmental activist Greta Thunberg, 16, are receiving international recognition.

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    this is very true, Tony Heller and others have bee preaching the coming grand solar minimum for some time now, they show graphs of how in the 30s' it was much hotter and set records that haven't been broken yet. they also show how the world wide temps have been falling ever since...

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    One Of The Coolest Years On Record In The US

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    this was understood, explained, and expected back in the 1950's, when there were REAL scientists, and before "junk science" became a "profitable big business" for the likes of Al Gore and his following of "dubious" credentialed "scientists".... these days, any kind of "junk science or research" related to "climate change" is likely to get you a BIG, BIG research grant from Uncle Sugar, thereby making it unnecessary for you to get out of school and obtain a REAJ JOB to pay the bills.....

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    spot on the mark Top...

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