The Princess has spoken.....
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    The Princess has spoken.....

    WASHINGTON In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., criticized Republicans and said President Donald Trump needed to be "imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement" because "impeachment is not good enough for Trump."
    Waters, who chairs the House Financial Services Committee, called on the Republican Party to stop using "Trump's filthy talk of whistleblowers being spies & using mob language implying they should be killed," before adding that she thought Trump needed to be put into solitary confinement.
    "But for now, impeachment is the imperative," she added.
    Waters had been referring to Trump's remarks recorded at a private event in New York City last week, where he called whoever had informed the whistleblower about his call with the President of Ukraine "almost a spy," suggested they had committed treason, and added "We used to handle it a little differently than we do now."
    Waters also called for the impeachment of Attorney General William Barr, who she referred to as "Trump's puppet," for his alleged involvement in the controversy over Trump's contacts with the Ukranian government.
    "The lies, coverups, shaking down foreign countries & undermining our democracy will be recorded as one of the worst periods in the history of our country, all led by a dishonorable con man," she tweeted later.

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    the one word that stood out in Maxine Waters' tirade against President Trump was dishonorable, used by a woman who does not and cannot comprehend the meaning of the word.... if she did, she would surely apply it to HERSELF and the other "low IQ members of congress" who have been conspiring to undermine and unseat a duly elected president since the day he announced himself to be a CANDIDATE for President...

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    William, it's also dishonorable to accept for a job you can not and will not do. She will just nasty away one day....

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    when she dies I'll go to where she's buried and pi$$ on her grave...

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    It's dishonorable to be such a fkg azzhat like Maxine.

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    Maxine WAS the absolute stupidest member of congress until the arrival of AOC, now they are fighting for the title....

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldtop View Post
    Maxine WAS the absolute stupidest member of congress until the arrival of AOC, now they are fighting for the title....
    lol... that's for sure and for certain...

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    the "liberal bastion of the east coast" aka New York has to prove that the "liberal bastion of the west coast" aka Commiefornia hasn't got a monopoly on making the stupid's more stupid..... just saying....

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    ya, I think they're trying to "out stupid" each other...

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    and OREGON is waiting in the wings for one of them to fall... just sayin...

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    that's for sure, Oregon is running very close in the race to stupidville.

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