The Worst Military Uniform
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    I hate velcro too!

    "The only thing this camo blends in with is your grandma's couch she bought in 1963"

    That dude is still hot even though he's Army in the worst uniform.

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    I got the biggest kick out of when he said that wearing that uniform made him look like a moldy pickle... I still laugh when I think about that line...

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    so what politician's (or group of them) brother in law got rich off of this deal??? 5 billion to get a watered down non-camo camo.... and now we get to do it again!!!! And why does each branch have to have it's own camo, anyway??? Can't one pattern do for all, like it USED too??? And speaking of pizz poor camo, how about the non camo washed out tigerstripe the Air Farce uses... same colors as the Army camo, just different pattern..... the only one worth a hoot is the MARPAT...

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    I love camo!!!

    Even that weird digital teal, he could hide out in my loft and blend in perfectly, just saying.

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    so your loft looks like a "moldy pickle"???

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldtop View Post
    so your loft looks like a "moldy pickle"???
    I was thinking the same

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    No, but teal is my favorite color, teal digital camo sounds fantastic to me!

    Do pickles even mold?

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    I liked the part about how he's got PTSD and permanent welts on his legs from the useless dangly bungee cord that they just used to constantly snap and whip each other with.

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    included, no doubt, by some S&M type that knew that he would NEVER have to wear the stuff....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmer View Post

    Teal is my favorite color,

    Teal digital camo sounds fantastic to me!

    Do pickles even mold?

    Me N


    might have

    just need

    to come

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    Yah might
    wanna check out
    Billymongoose -

    i've heard
    some a
    his friends
    have been known

    "BIG DILL"

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    I had a feeling Billy's pickle may look like that considering the women he's attracted to, just saying.

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    considering the SIZE of the women he's attracted to, it better be a whole lot BIGGER....

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    Ed, are you trying to hijack my thread? lol

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