Milking Cows is sexual abuse.....
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    Milking Cows is sexual abuse.....

    One New York university’s Women’s and Gender Studies program has published a paper that insists that milking cows is comparable to “sexual abuse,” “emotional trauma related to pregnancy,” and “nonconsensual hormone treatments,” according to Celine Ryan, writing for Campus Reform.
    The paper, “Readying the Rape Rack: Feminism and the Exploitation of Non-Human Reproductive Systems,” was included in Dissenting Voices, published and edited by the Women’s and Gender Studies program at the College at Brockport State University of New York.
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    Ryan notes that the author, an intern for Brockport’s Women’s Studies Department, asserts that she must discuss the “under-researched” “feminist aspects of animal agriculture,” adding, “the same way women’s health has been at stake for years, a dairy cow’s reproductive system has been poked and prodded.”
    The author writes, “Throughout our lives, we are offered an idealized image of dairy cows where these animals graze on beautiful pastures, have room to sow and play, and are comforted in spacious areas in which to sleep. We are presented with images of a life well lived, but when it comes to the deaths of those same animals, the picture perfect story comes to a grim reality.”
    The paper continues, “The outdated stereotype about women being caretakers and most importantly child bearers remains consistent in the dairy industry, especially when we take into account the means through which these animals are exploited. A few brief examples include rape or sexual assault, nonconsensual hormone treatments, and emotional trauma related to pregnancy. Dairy cows are forcibly impregnated, or raped, in order to constantly produce milk for humans to consume.
    More: “The dairy industry is a host for sexbased discrimination. It is a site where sexual assault and objectification based on biological makeup are highly prevalent but ignored as we choose to neglect non-humans with whom we share a planet.”
    The author concludes, “While we fight against the sexual abuse of women, why are we still allowing the same treatment to be thrust upon other living bodies when there are other, more sustainable ways to live that do not involve harming millions of female bodies? With simple lifestyle changes that promote reproductive justice towards animals available to many, why are we picking and choosing which pots of capitalism, sexism, and patriarchy to stir, when we could dismantle it all?”
    In response to Milk Life campaigns that were run since the 2016 Olympics featuring athletes from Team USA, an anti-dairy commercial was aired during the closing ceremonies of the 2018 South Korea Olympics. Swtitch 4 Good made the commercial, which showed various former Olympic athletes asserting that they had decided to renounce eating dairy products, with comments such as “I got stronger,” “to take back my life” or “run faster.” Six athletes who participated were Kendrick Farris, USA, weightlifter, Rebecca Soni, USA, six time medalist in swimming, Malachi Davis, Great Britain, track and field sprinter, Kara Lang, Canada, soccer, Dotsie Bausch, USA, silver medalist in pursuit cycling, and Seba Johnson, Virgin Islands, alpine skier.
    The ad concluded with athletes saying “they don’t drink cow’s milk” and “they are proud to be dairy free.”

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    Damn Billy, you never cease to amaze me with these articles you find.

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    Paul....our American Cows are already being blamed for being a participant in Climate change. They are farting to much methane gas. I just feel a calling to stand up for their plight. Bringing awareness to an injustice, is what I do. Imagine, if you will, some stranger, whom you have never seen before, or know anything about, constantly pulling on your nipples on a daily basis....without even a kiss. It has to be very frustrating for Heifers to get turned on with this foreplay and then shunned, until the following day. Sad part is that humans cause gas to build up in a Heifer by fondling their Tets and massaging their milk bag. They have Nada control over the release of gas created by the sexual abuse of the very people that pizz and moan about Climate Change. I sincerely hope this knowledge will incite our Brothers to drink less milk or non at all. Every time you smile after a cool drink of milk....think of the horrendous sexual abuse some innocent Cow went through just so you can satisfy your greedy thirst for exploited milk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    It has to be very frustrating for Heifers to get turned on with this foreplay and then shunned, until the following day.
    you know, you may have something
    Actually, it's twice a day, I worked as a kid for the Dairy Farmer next door every summer, haying and helping with the "fondling" and twice a day morning and night we would milk the cows...

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    Pat, say it ain't so.....say it ain't so, Brother. You was a willing participant in the sexual abuse of innocent dairy that what your saying?? You stooped so low as to fondle animal boobs and then brag about it. Anything else you want to confess to?? Please tell me you didn't take part in the impregnation.

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    ah, no I left that part to the Dairy I just helped with washing and putting on the milkers and shoveled $hit...

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    I know there will be a comment here when William sees this. He lives in Louisiana, where sexual abuse of animals is common practice. He told me once that he taught classes on Stump Breaking, down in the Bayou.

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    yeah, Billy, there's definitely gonna be a "comment"..... can't these fool women find something RELAVANT to talk, biotch and moan about??? This foolishness proves beyond all doubt that there are some people in this country (and around the world as well) that have far too much money and time on their hands, that also have such a low IQ, or are so GULLIBLE, that they should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be without competent adult supervision ... that these people also usually have some kind of college degree is a sorry condemnation of the colleges that issued them.... our schools and universities need to get back to the basics, reading, writing, math, engineering, science and medicine..... all of these so called "intellectual" pursuits can be left to the self educated dreamers, who contribute little to society except their "not so intelligent theories" and seek to gain nothing more than "attention" to the plight of "WHATEVER", meaning, of course, THEMSELVES... the best thing to do with these idiots is to show them up for exactly what they are, perhaps publically pelt them with horse or cow dung, and never again allow them the "spotlight" to annoy the populace with their foolishness....

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    William, are you dodging my comment on what you told me about Louisiana Stump Breaking?? I didn't even mention what you said about said ya'll raised a special breed to abuse, called Louisiana Lip Smackers. Ya'll are on PETA's radar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    I Louisiana Lip Smackers. Ya'll are on PETA's radar.
    ROFLMBO...... gotta love it...
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    Billy, just don't buy any "Popeye's Hot n Spicy" chicken, brother, that's all I'm gonna say.... but on another note, and speaking of COWS, if those three at the top of this thread are the "cow complainers", they are sure showing off their own teats, maybe what they really want is for someone to milk THEM!!!!

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    Those three in the photo, someone ought to milk THEM, and that would be sexual abuse, towards the one doing the milking.

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    that is their REAL complaint, Dave, no one will "oblige them" in that department...

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    Just to add gasoline to the fire.. The Cockroach produces more methane gas than any other animal . That what and article once said on the TV news.. If you believe that one about sexual abuse then you believe what I just told you...I work in feed yards for 27 Years and and never seen or heard anything more absurdness than this article ...

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    like I said, these fools are simply looking to garner attention to themselves, they are not getting enough attention from the other NYU students and faculty, so they devise this "sexual abuse of cows" case to get into the limelight.... they really want someone to milk THEM.....

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