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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post

    Yeah but,
    Pabst was only 90 cents a 6 pack.
    Black Label was 20 cents a quart
    and Schlitz wasn't worth giving away.

    William, when we were in High School..
    you could fill your car up (on empty ),
    buy a carton of Cigarettes,
    get a case of Beer
    and take your Sweet Thing to the Drive Inn ,
    all with a 10 dollar bill.

    The good old days.
    Sittin' here - thinkin' one way
    or another,,,,,,,
    poor beer's better than no beers
    O-P-B s' (other peoples brands) better
    than no beers -

    won way or another all the
    good beers,
    bad beers,
    my brands,
    their brands,-

    only had ONE brand i
    wouldn't wish to buy again-
    It is/was from India -

    "Peter Fonda" brother to
    "NOTFONDA JANE" died the other day......

    When she dies -
    won't matter where they bury her-

    GWANNA be a line from
    Coast to Coast'
    jest to use Urnal
    thats gwanna be her grave site-

    BEER - even the though
    brings on the memories,
    drink one = drain one *******

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    yeah, Ed, as soon as I saw that, I said to myself "good thing it's not HANOI JANE, there wouldn't be an airline in the country that I'd be able to book a flight on to go to THAT funeral... best I start making plans to DRIVE there, along with a truckload of BEER, just to get the urine flowing properly when I step up to THAT particular urinal.....

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    William, you can stop by here and pick me up.....I'ma gonna take a whole packet of Xlax, one hour before we get there.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldtop View Post

    best I start making plans to DRIVE there -
    Truck-load of beer, just to get the urin flowin',

    I was thinking along the lines of-
    no need hurrying trying to get there.....

    Them closest to "ground zero" -
    gwanna be first in line any way.......

    best bet ???
    good map & compass -
    follow the line -
    make it a real excursion to remember........

    That lines' gwanna make the news......

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    We need to get Dave to share his experience as a working Cowboy, at the King Ranch in Texas. He has told me a little bit about it. Tough's a wonder that a Yankee from New England could have survived this Barbaric way of making a living.....

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    Well, pardners, it's been a long time since my ranching days on the old King Ranch down in the Lone Star State. It was there that I first learned to string barbed wire and brand cattle. Any of you thinkin about doin it, you better think twice, it is hard work. Cattle moaning all day. And that was before the branding, that was when them cowboys was up on them stumps behind the cattle. But that ain't no matter. Those were rough days, but it did me good. I learned how to rope and wrestle heifers and all; not cattle but local women at the nearby slop shute.

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    But we had some characters down on The Ranch. We called it The Ranch to distinguish it from any number of run of the mill ranches down that way. We had a guy who just could not put a brand on a cow to save his hide, he would use italics, and different colors and big letters and small letters, but just could not or would not put a regular old brand on an animal. Then we had another who was from bayou country way east of there, who was always pinin' away about some gal over in the Carolinas, and how he would love to watch her do yoga and the like. Another pal of ours was always insisting on being called "Number One", so that the foremen got kind of jealous after awhile. Then there was a foreman who said that while branding, we had to stay "on topic" all the time, meanin' don't put unauthorized brands on them cattle, just stick to The Ranch as the main topic. Hell, even when we were conversing while branding, we had to stay on topic. He was a good boss, though. Well, just a few memories of The Ranch I wanted to share with ya'll.

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    sounds like a real "fun place" with some really amazing "characters", of which you were just "one of the guys", right Dave.....

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    Yep, and any resemblance to any folks on this site is purely coincidental.

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    I knew a couple of old Ranch hands that worked at the King Ranch. They told me about a Cowboy Legend everyone called "Dimple Do Dandy Dave" ...could that be you Brother Dave??

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    Could be me, Billy, but that would depend on what they said I did.

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    They told me Dimple Dave could set a steel Tee post by hammering it in with his bare hand. They said he could run 5 strands of heavy duty 4 pronged barbed wire, over a mile in 3 hours, by himself. All while listening to George Jones on his 8 track in his pickup. Does this sound familiar, Dave????

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    Well, that's all accurate, Billy, except for the 3 hours part---it actually took me 3 1/2 hours. But the rest of it is correct.

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    Marine Family Free Member Mistybluelady's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Dont pop in to often but so glad to see all my favorite gents still hangin in here.
    Much love to y'all and talk soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistybluelady View Post
    Dont pop in to often but so glad to see all my favorite gents still hangin in here.
    Much love to y'all and talk soon
    ya don't stay a stranger, pop in more often... glad to hear from you

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