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    I've been on that "other" site, and still visit there occasionally, but I find it is much more "politically correct" than this one... the one thing that I still like over there, and MISS on this site is the "JOKES" thread..... seems like nobody knows any good jokes anymore....

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    Well, we can always bring back Rocky.....just saying....

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    and if you did, the only one left to post would be Kim... just sayin....

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    WORKS for me.....

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    Just think.....if Trump don't get it, and the Demos keep the House and get the Senate......they will probably shut down web sites like this. They will put a "Red Flag" on it.

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    that would be a nightmare for sure... and you know as well as I that, that would go over like a lead balloon and the war would be on...

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    Hell, Billy, we wouldn't even be able to set foot out of our houses, we'd all be "red flagged" as "possible" home grown terrorists....we wouldn't even be able to go to the damn grocery store without a following from every "three letter" agency in the country... just sayin....

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    When the shet hits the fan...I'll be on the front line, even if I'm in a wheelchair....

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