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    The Chat About Anything Thread

    This thread is similar to the one titled "Who Was Your Sweetheart..." but is a chat-type thread, where any subject off discussion is okay. Rather than limit ourselves to one subject, we would like to discuss anything and everything; perhaps this thread will cause more folks to post.

    Because the usual thread has a topic, and if you don't feel like posting, you don't. If you are not interested in that topic, you will not post, thereby decreasing activity on this forum even more. So on this particular thread, anything goes, conforming of course to the forum rules regarding common decency and common sense.

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    Epstein's Arkancide ?

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    The stats at the bottom of the forum says there are 123 active members. But that number is only the number of members who have logged in during a certain time period. Maybe there is only 30-40 members who actually visit the forum now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkmoz View Post
    Epstein's Arkancide ?

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    Glad you got this going again, Dave. I have a very funny story about you, I'm going to post tomorrow. You Marines stay tuned in....this is one of a kind true story about Dave. He's too Humble to talk about the Honor that was bestowed him in Bootcamp.

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    Years ago I looked through all the letters I wrote to my mother when I was in boot camp at Parris Island. One told of how, during the platoon series drill competition, I was selected, with 8 others, to pick up cigarette butts under the reviewing stands rather than participate in this important close order drill competition.

    At the time, I had no idea that we were selected simply because we would not have helped our platoon win the competition. I thought it was an honor to be ALLOWED to stand around and pick up butts while THEY had to drill out on the parade ground.

    It wasn't until years later that it hit me, hey it was not meant to be an honor, it was to keep us off the drill field so our platoon could have a chance to win!

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    This is what Billy found so hilarious---that it took years for it to finally dawn on me that hey, that was no big honor.

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    Dave, you have come a long way from a butt picker! Your accomplishments are many and you are an example of what the Marines can do to make a better person out of someone. I worked with and met a great number of outstanding Marines and I would have considered it an honer to have been able to serve along with you!

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    I love Melvin, he's so sweet.

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    Kim, I know you don't know this, but, Although Melvin is sweet sometimes, he has a bad case of Dementia. He don't know Dave. He looks on your profile, finds your name, then adds your name to that comment he made to Dave. We've seen that same post over a hundred times, word for word, just different names

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    Mel, thanks. Much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxtrotOscar View Post
    Mike, if this is directed to me, it ain't funny, Brother. It wasn't all my fault....Pabst Blue Ribbon is partly to blame......

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    Billy, that's what you get for drinking that Pabst Blue Ribbon …. just as bad as Schiltz and Carling's Black Label in a rusty steel can.....

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    Yeah but, Pabst was only 90 cents a 6 pack. Black Label was 20 cents a quart and Schlitz wasn't worth giving away. William, when we were in High could fill your car up (on empty ), buy a carton of Cigarettes, get a case of Beer and take your Sweet Thing to the Drive Inn , all with a 10 dollar bill. The good old days.

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