Joining next year, have a few questions.
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    Joining next year, have a few questions.

    I've asked questions on here before and I'll be done with school this year (Though won't graduate til May 2020, it's the way Abeka Academy, the school I'm doing my homeschooling through works, they have graduation every May.).

    Anyway, joining the Marines has always been a dream of mine, it's what I believe God made me to do.

    I've got less than a year to go and me and my brother have started working out with our Preacher and I'm confident that I'll be ready for Boot Camp at time of getting my diploma.

    I've decided that instead of going enlisted and staying enlisted, I want to go enlisted and get my bachelor's while enlisted and become an officer.

    I'm considering two options: Go Reserve and go to full-time college, hopefully at The Citadel as a cadet, and get commissioned as an officer. And the other option I'm considering is going Active Duty (What I really WANT to do.) and getting my bachelor's through either online college or using the Education Centers on bases.

    So, I've got 3 questions: If I take the Cadet path, do I still have to go through OCS? Would online college or the education centers work out better? and last but definitely not least, what would you recommend?

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    If your goal is to become an officer, the reserves/National Guard/rotc are your best bet. It is not realistic to think you'll get your bachelors on active duty in a reasonable amount of time. In addition to focusing on the Marine Corps, you should also take advantage of the time you have graduating early to apply to college.

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    Thanks for the advice.

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    You can get commissioned in the Corps going through The Citadel. However, like any non-service academy college, you have to do it through Naval ROTC. See this link for information:

    However, there is another way to commissioning while attending college and that is the Platoon Leaders Course (PLC). If selected to the program, you take part one of OCS during your sophomore summer, then part two during your junior summer. If you pass the course, you will be commissioned once you get your bachelor's degree. Then off you go to The Basic School with all other new 2d Lieutenants.

    All officer programs are tough to get into. You have to be selected to even try for PLC, OCS, or Marine Option NROTC and all routes are very competitive. I suggest you look for the nearest Marine Officer Selection Officer (OSO) to you and set up an appointment to discuss options. Prospective officer candidates do not go through regular recruiters.

    Prior enlisted service is not a requirement nor does it necessarily help you as an officer.

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    Agreed on the note about prior enlisted service. In fact in some instances people are not able to move on from their role as enlisted and embrace being an officer. That said, I totally understand the desire to be a Marine first and foremost. I enlisted right out of high school and was able to finish my undergrad in the reserves. I did it in 4 academic years, but I did have to take time off for a deployment.

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    I appreciate all of the advice and I'm definitely leaning towards Reserves. But one thing's for sure, being a Marine is something I've been waiting for anxiously.

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