Don't mess with this Mans Kids.......
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    Don't mess with this Mans Kids.......

    Father chases down thief who stole car with children inside and beats him to death with help of bystanders

    Chris Baynes

    ,The Independent

    A father chased down and beat to death a thief who stole a car with his children inside, US police have said.
    Bystanders also joined in the attack on the 54-year-old man, who later died in hospital of head injuries, said detectives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    Three young children – aged seven months, 18 months, and five years old – were in the Hyundai when the carjacker stole it on Thursday evening.
    Their mother had left the car running as she went into a pizza takeaway where her boyfriend – who is the father of the two younger children – was working at 9pm local time.
    As the woman was speaking to her partner, the thief climbed into the car and drove off.
    The parents, both aged 25, ran after the car, which became stuck in traffic nearby.
    “They were able to pull this car thief out of the vehicle,” chief inspector Scott Small, of the Philadelphia Police Department, told local television station WPVI.
    “He fled on foot about a half a block. And the boyfriend caught up to him and there was some sort of physical struggle that ensued,” Mr Small said.
    “Then other males from the neighbourhood intervened and began punching and kicking the male who took the vehicle.”
    The man was taken to hospital with severe head and facial injuries. He was pronounced dead at 10.05pm local time.
    The children’s parents were both taken into custody for questioning and were said to be co-operating with investigators.
    The police department’s homicide unit and the District Attorney’s Office will decide if the father will face charges.
    The three children were unharmed and stayed with other relatives on Thursday night.

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    I say, no charges should be brought against this man, I would have done the same thing

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    I agree, Pat....a man loses it sometimes when his loved ones are threatened. In this case, the thief earned his trip to Hell.

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    one way ticket, "coach" class for the carjacker, the dad should walk... and DA that would file charges on this guy is an idiot, although it could benefit the man if the DA did so... a "quick trial and acquittal" and then the carjacker's family could never get the matter brought up again at a later date.....

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    Talk about tough kids, this one belongs to one of my neighbors;

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    looks like you live in a "barrio", brother.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldtop View Post
    looks like you live in a "barrio", brother.......
    No William, but that's where my neighbor came from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mongoose View Post
    Click image for larger version

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    Billy, I absolutely LOVE that poster, WHERE can I get one???.....those need to be posted at each and every voting poll in the country in November 20.... Russ, I forgot that Florida IS full of Cubans, that kid definitely looks like a bad-ass, having him next door would be almost as good as having a pit bull in the yard......

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    I'm told the kid bites much harder, and doesn't let go.

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    Worry 'bout the -
    welfare checks-

    Do dah-
    do dah

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    that is the next thing Trump is going to put limits on.......

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