Not becoming a Marine.....
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    Not becoming a Marine.....

    Two U.S. Marines in California were arrested last week and charged with smuggling undocumented immigrants across the southern border, according to reports.
    Border Patrol agents arrested Marine Lance Corporals Byron Law II and David Salazar-Quintero of Camp Pendleton on July 3, after apprehending them in their car with three undocumented immigrants, who informed authorities they were citizens of Mexico without documentation.
    Border authorities had observed the three migrants getting into the Marines’ car when it pulled over near a frequent “pickup” spot for migrants on Interstate 8, about 20 miles east of the Tecate port of entry and seven miles north of the U.S.–Mexico border.
    The active-duty soldiers face the federal charge of “transportation of certain aliens for financial gain.” Both confessed to authorities that they have transported migrants more than once, including the previous day.
    Two of the migrants “stated they were going to pay $8,000 to be smuggled into the United States” and were trying to get to Los Angeles and then New Jersey, the complaint said.
    Camp Pendleton will “continue to cooperate fully with the investigative efforts into this matter,” according to a spokesperson for the base.
    Both soldiers enlisted in 2017 and have won the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

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    Nothing interesting about this story, it was happening when I was at Pendleton back in the 70's...

    I was with 1st Marines and they would be smuggled inside the base to avoid the checkpoints along I-5...

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    Difference wasn't the Colossal issue it is today. In the 70's, the border patrol could do it's job without harassment. There wasn't thousands trying to get in everyday. Cities and States co-operated with Federal Laws pertaining to Illegal immigrants. If they were caught, they were deported as soon as problems. It wasn't a Political wind storm, like today. I remember here in Texas, seeing Helicopters several times a week, flying around everywhere, looking for illegals. Drug Cartels wasn't dominating the border and killing randomly. Today, it is one of the biggest issues facing future law makers of this Country. It can make or break a persons chance of being elected to State or Federal positions. Anyway, those so called Marines should be kicked out of the Corps. As far as I an concerned, it is on equal par with aiding and abetting in the commission of a Crime.

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    FO, you're absolutely correct about the smuggling along I-5. I was in the 1stMarDiv MP Company and we often went into the field just to interdict some of the smuggling.

    We set up a small POW camp in a canyon, then ran ambush patrols along the known dropoff points. We treated the illegals like POWS, separated them from the coyotes, hooded them, daisy chained them, and processed them through our POW camp. A Spanish-speaking counterintelligence guy would interview them too.
    Then we would call the BP and they'd come get them. On a good night, we'd get about 30-50.

    Great practice for one of our war-time roles of POW handling. We did have loaded M-16s too.

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    as far as I'm concerned, this is amounts to "aiding and abetting the commission of a felony crime", if not a felony in and of itself... these fools should be court-martialed and given some very STIFF sentences in federal prison... given the current circumstances with illegals, these men need to be "made example of"....

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    Agreed William. They were doing it for money. Not the kind of Marine you want covering your back.

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    Just for clarification
    "Under current Federal law, illegally entering the United States, or remaining in the country under false pretenses, is only a

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    What about smuggling illegals for money.....?? That's what we are talking about.

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    "misdemeanor" or not, these two idiots need JAIL TIME, six months in the brig on "pi$$ and punk" followed by s DD should do nicely..... if memory serves, six in the brig is the max sentence for a "serious misdemeanor".....

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    Agree 100%

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