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    I found that Agent Provocateur heart lingerie ensemble on eBay and it's over $500 for just the bra, thong and garter belt! You wouldn't believe what some of these panties cost!

    Guess how much this "playsuit" originally cost and its "sale" price now.


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    We can start a Go Fund Me for you for that outfit, or just take up a collection here on Leatherneck.

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    probably close to a grand with all of that gold and such.... terrible choice of materials for something that is quite likely to get ripped off when it accomplishes what it is intended to do.... save the money, just get some of those "crotch less" panties and add some lace threads attached to a lace ring, you get the idea.... a very provocative outfit, probably designed by some high dollar, name brand queer designer, but it definitely excites...

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    I don’t even like the metal one, it was originally priced at $3,395 but it’s “on sale” for $995. Crazy! I do really like the heart one in the video though.

    Marines we should be designing high end panties, money!!!

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    And like the snake eating its own tail, we’re here where we began, our common love for panties.

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    nice "smacker" there, Billy..... actually, Kim, the best thing about panties is taking them OFF..... JMHO, of course.....

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