Happy Birthday to our Sweetheart, Kim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    Hope you have a great day, Sweetie....

    Happy birthday young lady

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    Sorry I'm late but yesterday was a bad day for me so Kim forgive me please and have a Happy Belated Birthday..

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    Happy Birthday, I hope you had a great day and many more to come
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    Happy Birthday to Kim.....she thanks everyone as she can't post in this section

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    Happy Birthday Tomorrow Kim, see, I'm the only one that got it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC 2571 View Post
    Happy Birthday to Kim.....she thanks everyone as she can't post in this section
    Dave, this is open squad-bay....anyone can post here.....can't they??

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    This thread was moved from Open Squad Bay to The Slop Shute so she can post here, after the thread was moved, but not before.

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    Billy's in love!

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    I didn't recognize Kim at 1st, then I remembered Kim's tattoos are on her other side. Looks like you've been eating 2 much Birthday cake there Sweetheart.

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    Russ....I'ma thinkin, you just lost 1st place, Brother.

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    No Billy, woman love the truth.

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    Really........if that was true....you would still be a Virgin, Brother.......just saying...

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    ain't that much "birthday cake" in the whole world!!!! And iffin there was, our Kimmer couldn't choke it all down in a couple of years, much less in a single day..... I've got to believe that someone released her "doppelganger" from an "alternate universe" that is her exact opposite.....

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