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    Company Level NJP

    Hello, I am a Cpl, and I check out of my command in 4 business days, I was speeding on a government vehicle and now the section has to return the vehicle to headquarters because of my speeding, now my Msgt is recommending a company level NJP and I am supposed to be taking 30 days of leave with my orders next week, What will happen to my orders, do I still transfer, do I still get to take my leave? Will I lose my rank at a company level NJP?

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    Yes, you could lose your blood stripe at a company level office hours, along with a few other things. Doesn't mean you will. It seems to me, the easiest thing for the company CO to do is give you a nasty page 11 and get rid of you on schedule.

    I don't understand why your section has to return the vehicle. Seems to me, just ordering you not to drive it anymore has the same effect. especially since you'll be gone soon anyway. But, no accounting for how some people think.

    If you have orders to PCS, I would imagine your company will not want to interfere with those orders. When I was in, personnel admin was done at the company level and they wouldn't screw with PCS stuff because of the amount of work involved for a small admin section. Now, with admin consolidated at battalion or higher levels, who knows.

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    A good 1stSgt would just chew you out and send you on your way. Trouble today is many SNCO'S do not get involved with their young Marines and want someone else to handle the situation with NJP.

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