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    Let the FUN begin....

    The commandant of the Marine Corps will have five years to stop separating men and women at the service's oldest boot camp, if a new amendment added to the 2020 defense authorization bill survives to ratification...
    Rep. Jackie Speier, a California Democrat and chair of the House Armed Services Military Personnel subcommittee, proposed the amendment on Wednesday, which would prohibit gender-segregated training at the Marine Corps recruit depots...
    "Training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina, may not be segregated based on gender," the measure states. "The Commandant of the Marine Corps shall carry out this subsection not later than five years after the date of the enactment of this Act."
    All female Marine recruits currently complete their entry-level training at Parris Island. No women attend the Marine Corps' West Coast training depot for new enlistees...

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    I can see it now, shades of Starship Troopers... boys, girls, steers and queers, all one big happy family taking hot showers together into the wee hours of the morning at their favorite recruit depot.... and of course, absolutely no hankey pankey or ass grabbing whatsoever.... R I G H T ! ! ! I swear these dumb assed democrats do this kind of stupidity just to hear themselves sound stupid, and to "stir up" various sections of their voter base....

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    I think it's just a ploy to boost enlistment. Better than having a gay or transgender bunk-mate. Besides, it would be nice to wash the back of a female boot in the shower....

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    I'd rather wash her front, Billy, but you're right, it would be a win - win situation, no matter WHO got the top bunk..... it's just that they'd have to increase boot camp by 6 more weeks to get all the training in, after all, they have to allow time for socialization and such...

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    Your right William....but just think of all the new humiliating things the D.I.'s can come up with. The colorful things they can scream out at ya....

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    yeah, buddy, there will definitely be an entirely new bunch of available insults and put-downs available to the up and coming group of DI's.... "shower PT" will probably become more popular as a form of "punishment" that ever before ... I can see it in my minds' eye now..... what fun!!!!!

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    Hell yea.....can just see the bouncing boobs while doing jumping jacks, squat thrusts. Would love to see those female boots doing the duck walk in their skivvies.

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    the "forward leaning rest position" would be a real attention getter too!.....

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    I'm not going to say NO to this. Actually I can see the benefits of having a "new" bunkie.

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