Wearing of Awards by Family
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    Wearing of Awards by Family

    I was reading an article today about the Aussies and New Zealanders observing ANZAC Day. I noted in the photos something I have seen many times before over the years, that people from the UK and Commonwealth nations often wear military medals on their right breast during certain ceremonies and observances.

    I know that this is a custom in that folks wear the military medals of close family on their right breast when the family member is deceased and cannot wear their own honors. Usually close family means parents, children, spouses, siblings, or grandparents. They wear them on the right so as not to be confused as posers.

    Military veterans wear their own awards on the left breast as usual and can also wear awards from family at the same time on the right. In civvies only, of course.

    I was wondering what you guys thought about that custom and would it work here in the US?

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    Sounds respectful to me. .....That being said, we have plenty of posers here in America.

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