Laguna Beach Police Design is Problematic
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    OMG... what a "hater"... actually telling people that if they don't like America to just leave!!!!!.... Imagine that, telling those people illegally in this country that if they don't like it here to go back where they came from, and enjoy the lack of electricity and indoor plumbing and sanitation in their own ****hole country instead of coming here and then hating us because we have worked to make this the most advanced country in the world.....

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    Even those who stay seem to do their best to turn their living places into shivtholes as well. Some of the projects that I used to work in look like Beverly Hills compared to how these people try to make America look like the rat holes they came out of.

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    how true, Russ.... a real shame, Laguna Beach used to be a really nice place to go, great beaches, and the people were really friendly and supportive of the Marines that came there.. even though the rest of Kalifornia was protesting the VN war, and hating on those in service, the folks in Laguna really liked us and took care of us... last time I was there to visit friends that I made back in 66 (my visit was 97 or 98) the place had changed into a "gay, progressive community" where there was already a confusion problem about which bathroom to use amongst the locals.... place was some kind of faggot heaven by then, nothing but same sex couples doing whatever they wanted, even on the beaches..... I couldn't get the hell out of there and back to 29 stumps fast enough.....

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    The only protest I ever participated in was in Laguna Beach and Gus and I made the cover of the Orange County Register! We were all having so much fun the photographer had to keep telling me to look angry so he could get a good shot, hahaha. I'm almost unrecognizable because it was after my first dog got killed and my hair starting falling out from stress so I just cut it all off and then the antidepressants they put me on made me fat and even more miserable...bad year... down with Big Pharma too!

    (GMOs and Monsanto are killing off the bee population hence the bee costumes)

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    how did Gus like having wings??? I can see where the photographer had a problem with your rather "seductive smile", hard to make it look like you guys were really pizzed about something with a smile like that, hee, hee, I look more angry than that just showing my "everyday" face, LOL.. and that IS NOT "fat", not by a long shot, you get much thinner, I'd be afraid for you to go out in a light breeze, you'd blow away ....

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    Gus doesn't care, I can dress him up in anything and shove him in any bag or in my hoodie and he's just ecstatic to go anywhere and do anything. For the first few years of his life we were homeless and mostly lived in my van up in Big Sur in a turnout off of Highway 1, nothing phases him at this point, he's just happy to have a home that doesn't drive around.

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    love the tie, Gus is ready for the board room... or the halls of Congress, he'd be better than most of the people there

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    He'd be easier on the eyes and ears than all them in Congress that's for sure but still just another bleeding heart Generation Z'er.

    I say "boy, what do you think, human grade organic chicken jerky treats grow on trees???" today.

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    Don't like this country then KMA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Marine View Post
    Don't like this country then KMA.
    I couldn't agree more... I'd also add, LEAVE!!!

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