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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmer View Post
    I figured Hot Memphis Lovin' may have had some Latin influence with his legendary lovemaking skills. You don’t have women begging for more unless you've got trickier moves than the ol' in and out, just saying.

    Ain't that the truth.

    Conk was born during my "Johnny Appleseed" days. His mother was a sexy beautiful Cuban young lady and with my genes Conk came out with strikingly great looks. But, he took soft easy going traits from his mother and not me. Great traits for a woman but not for a man/Marine.

    Whenever I think of bugs I always remember coming into An Hoa (pronounced An Wa) from another month out in the Arizona right after king was killed in Memphis. It was the end of my 1st month with the 3/5. We heard a little of the riots that were happening back in the World. We only had 4 splibs in the entire platoon so we're having a beer our 1st evening in and we're all talking about the looting and plundering (blacks always use a good riot to steal shivt) when one of our guys asks the splibs if they're going to start rioting and stealing **** from us. You should have seen the looks on those black faces. One of the splibs says "No, not going to riot," he said that he'd "rather take his chances with the gooks." Now that was some funny shivt so we all started laughing and and one of the guys bought the splibs a round of beers (10 cents a beer).

    But I remember the look on those black faces, I always thought they would have rioted if they could have, but they weren't that stupid understanding their current situation and all. bugs hits me the same way, always complaining, forgetting that it was us white Marines that kept him alive. Just saying.

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    When I said share stories and good times again that wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

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    More like stuff you have in common...

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    bugs and I have nothing common

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    Ok I’m just staying out of it, I’ve learned from a lifetime with my Dad it’s not a battle worth fighting. I still love me some Hot Memphis Lovin’. Carry on.

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    Kim, we have had a few black Marines here as members. JetDaugg....Redclyde. They were outstanding Marines, as well as good men. That being said, they were run out of Dodge by some of the Honkies on here. You couldn't help but feel bad for 'em....Russ, Mitch, Dave, William, Ed and a couple of others....really tore up their azz. Russ even calling their wives Ho's. I tried to stop it, but was out numbered. I just can't see how anyone can be so cruel and racist to their black brothers. I tried to get Redclyde to come back, but, I was told he suffered a break down because of our "you know who" members. JetDauggs wife told me that after the trauma of this mess, he became despondent and was last seen homeless in NYC. I think after praying for our "you know who" members, things are a lot better now. Last I heard, all our White members here are all on board for reparations for our AA brothers. William has started a Go Fund Me for Redclyde and Russ has been searching all over NYC for JetDaugg. Happy ending.....just saying.

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    Yeah, right! Billy, you were the leader of our gang if you will ever remember correctly. Redclyde for one was telling everybody he was withe the 3/5 until I popped up so was I. He then told everyone that he was only there for a short time, seeing that I was onto his bs, and said he was soon sent to a cap unit. I called bs on him them as well as now. Remember the white assswhite lynn2 who told his stories of being a recon Marine, he was almost as bad. A bunch of lying mf's, we've seen a lot on here. Kim, don't feel sorry for these guys when they come back, you wouldn't believe what we've gone through over the years.

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    Now Russ, Lynn2 was a great Navy Corpsman. He was a Corpsman for Force Recon. I remember he said, neither he nor any Marine in his Team believed in God. Told us they demanded 3rd Div. Commanding General have their religious preference taken off their dog-tags. I loved his terrifying tale of his Covert Operations into North Vietnam. He was a living legend, often compared with Chesty. He was almost as big a hero as RetiredCop.....who many times told us he was a Hero. We need a sticky thread to commemorate our Hero members.

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    Lynn2 forgot about him as we had a few words over his anti God comments?

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    Moz, Lynn2 was a pain in the azz. How can a man come on a Marine web-site, tell the outrageous stories he told, and not expect to be called out.....he was a piece of shet....

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    we've had our share of "wanna be's" and "posers" try to bs their way into this site, that's for sure, but they always seem to get found out in pretty short order.... probably the most successful of them were "carrvy 1" and "Rocky".... it took a while, not to mention a big brouhaha to get that mess cleared up....

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    Yep, many of us here were the core that were kicked off by rocky. Remember him creating a girlfriend, of course we all knew no woman would ever be with the flake. Ohhhhhhhh, the memories.

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    aahhh yes, the "dreadful 8", banned and banished for not feeling sorry for someone that "rocky" thought needed sympathy.... which is found in the dictionary right between $hit and syphilis .....

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    William, Rocky could not go through one day, without telling everyone he was 100% PTSD disabled. Always wondered what traumatized him so bad, considering the time era he was on active duty.

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    Hell, I'm the only one here that I know of that is 100% PTSD, and I've got the card and the license plate to prove it.

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