A Quick Burn - No Collusion - IPOT Presents - 4.2.19
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    A Quick Burn - No Collusion - IPOT Presents - 4.2.19

    lol... love these quick burns...

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    True though, Dems just can't let it go...

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    and they WILL NOT let it go, you can be sure that democrat led "committees" will continue to "investigate" the President seeking to find ANYTHING to "chimp" about for the next two years, at least.... Trump best be careful with his selection of neckties, the wrong choice might become a "conspiracy" and turn into an "impeachable" offense... just ask Maxine or Pelosi, they'll tell you how they will not rest until they come up with SOMETHING to charge Trump with.....

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    The Demos will never admit they were wrong. They will twist the truth, holler bullshet, blame the A.G., blame Muller......but, they will never say they are wrong.

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