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    you're a good Marine, Willie, men like you are the real reason that those of us that came home were able to do so.... I remember my JDI, Sgt. Clampett, telling us that the only things he was not allowed to do to us was kill us, and eat us... but that where we were going, the gooks would definitely be able to do the first one, and would think about the second....gave me an entirely new outlook on Boot Camp and it's hardships, which became much easier to bear when one understood the purpose for it...

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    We living -
    carry the memories
    of our dead.

    doens't matter
    maybe - ?

    Old ones - lost various places
    around the globe lost long ago.

    and old friends who are
    dying now on a daily basis...

    RIP Brothers

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    Good to see you posting, Ed.

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    Amen Ed. So many memories, so many lost brothers. I remember, Semper Fi y'all.

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    where 'ya been, Ed.....

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