5 Things I learned at the Gun range
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    Yeah, we got some “racists” who throw around the ’N word’ just like black folks do, but 99.99% ain’t gonna mess with you unless you mess with them first. And at the end of the day, if black folks are law abiding and work hard, conservatives will do everything they can to protect them and help them advance in this world.

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    this guy is awesomely funny

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    As a cop in the projects I have personally saved many black lives, mostly I did this by not killing them. Just saying.

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    I want to go on the record as saying...


    ...until you F with me...you don't want to know what happens after that, just saying.

    But I'll say I've never had a problem with a black person in my life. In fact one of my good friends is my old black neighbor from LA (originally from Alabama), he loves fishing too. He also loves westerns, he'd come home from dialysis and we'd sit around watching black and white westerns and talk and laugh. He'd always say "Kim, you're too skinny, let me buy you a burger!". He still calls me every two weeks, the only person who calls me from LA and we're always on the phone at least an hour. I love him as much as I love y'all. I think I just love 70 year old men!!!

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    lol... well I'm getting close to 70 just 5 more years to go... (man that's hard for me to say and believe that I'm getting that old... wow)

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    Well you ripened early it seems, takes these other men a little longer.

    I can't believe I'm turning 48 this summer and I've been on here every day flirting with y'all for 8 months now, hahaha, time flies when you're having fun.

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    Kim, LA isn't Alabama, it's "Lower Alabama." Don't you know that?

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    Russ, Alabama is a suburb of Texas.....just saying

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