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    you are a better human being than me, Kin, I would have killed the pit bull, AND it's stupid owner.... I am very leery about pit bulls around "strange" (to them) dogs, even though I have known people that owned them and would defend them to their last breath... I personally trust Doberman's more than pit bulls, since I once had two dobes that loved and protected my ex wife's Pomeranian like he was their puppy... any time that Pom felt threatened, he would run over to my female dobe and sit between her front paws, she would look at whatever presented the threat, kind of show her teeth in a smile as if to say "look like I'm smiling MF, I'm about to get off in your azz".... to say she was protective of that little guy would be understating the case, for sure....

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    I don't trust pit-bulls. I once beat a pit-bull to death with a 2x4, that had just killed my 2 youngest Daughters cat.

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    I used to raise Dobe's, great dogs. If I ever get a dog for my PTSD I want it to be another dobe.

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    My mom used to own Dobes. All of them were excellent dogs. She would also own cocker spaniels at the same time. The cockers were always the alpha dog in that pack. Very funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by advanced View Post
    I used to raise Dobe's, great dogs. If I ever get a dog for my PTSD I want it to be another dobe.
    Russ, John McCain had a Pigeon for his PTSD....

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    I would have thought he had a snake to match himself.

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    that sounds about right, Billy, was it a "stool pigeon"???? ... If I ever get another large dog, it will be either a Doberman or a Rottweiler ... both are somewhat closely related anyway, and have similar temperament ... sweet dogs, but they can give someone a look that will scare the bejesus out of them, for sure ....

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