Parents should be Ashamed....
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    Parents should be Ashamed....

    27-year-old Indian man plans to sue his parents with whom he admits to having a good relationship because they brought him into the world without his consent. LOL. Really?

    Raphael Samuel of New Delhi said that children aren't indebted to their parents and that children should ask their mothers and fathers "for an explanation as to why they gave birth to you."
    "I want to tell all Indian kids that they don't owe their parents anything," Samuel told India's The Print. "I love my parents, and we have a great relationship, but they had me for their joy and their pleasure."
    He added, "My life has been amazing, but I don't see why I should put another life through the rigamarole of school and finding a career, especially when they didn't ask to exist."

    Samuel's belief is part of a system called "anti-natalism," which promotes the notion that children shouldn't be forced to be born, especially at the expense of the planet.

    "Other Indian people must know that it is an option not to have children, and to ask your parents for an explanation as to why they gave birth to you," he explained.
    Samuel even went on to compare childbearing to both kidnapping and slavery.
    The outlet reported that Samuel runs a Facebook page called "Nihilanand," which boasts a whopping 800 followers. You can find various memes and videos advocating for allowing the human race to die.
    One photo reads, "A good parent puts the child above its wants and needs," but "the child itself is a want of the parent."
    Another calls parents "hypocrites" and asks, "Isn't forcing a child into this world and then forcing it to have a career kidnapping and slavery?"
    Another posting reads, "The only reason your children are facing problems is because you had them."
    On Monday, Samuel shared a video titled, "Infertile is SEXY!!" Samuel shared another video on Sunday titled, "DON'T respect your parents, unless you want to."
    Infertile is SEXY!!!
    What else?

    India, with more than 1.3 billion people, is the second-most populated country in the world, not far behind China.
    "The problem lies in the distribution of the carbon footprint in India," Dr. Chandra Bhushan, director of the Centre for Science and Environment, told the outlet. "For the bottom 50 percent of the population, their carbon footprint is less than half a tonne. Meanwhile, the carbon footprint for the top 10 percent is about 6 tonnes."
    The Print featured a 2009 study that reported that a person's "carbon legacy" for one single child can produce "20 times more greenhouse gas than a person would save by driving a high-mileage car, recycling, [and] using energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs," and noted that not having children is the biggest way to reduce a carbon footprint on the earth.

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    We talked about this at work yesterday and I suggested that the court should find, nunc pro tunc (retroactively) that he never existed, and then tell him to get the fk out of the courtroom as he legally does not exist anymore, judicially. This puts him back in the pre conception mode. LOL

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    That's great Dave.....

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    or, how about telling him that since he did not want to exist, he can legally be aborted.. and then put a .45 hollow point in the base of his skull.... problem solved..... he would no longer have any problems, and neither would anyone else.... Dave, if we used YOUR solution, it could work, BUT, you need to make sure that the COURT charged him some SIGNIFICANT COURT COSTS for wasting the time of the court and court officers and attorneys... don't forget to charge his ATTORNEY as well, for wasting the court's time with this kind of FRIVILOUS BS.......

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