Columbus was a Racist....
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    Columbus was a Racist....

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    In this Nov. 29, 2017, photo Kristin Fabian walks by a mural of Christopher Columbus at Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. The University of Notre Dame will cover murals in a campus building that depict Christopher Columbus in America, the school's president said, following criticism that the images depict Native Americans in stereotypical submissive poses before white European explorers. (Robert Franklin/South Bend Tribune via AP)

    SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) The University of Notre Dame will cover murals in a campus building that depict Christopher Columbus in America, the school's president said, following criticism that the images depict Native Americans in stereotypical submissive poses before white European explorers.

    The 12 murals created in the 1880s by Luis Gregori were intended to encourage immigrants who had come to the U.S. during a period of anti-Catholic sentiment. But they conceal another side of Columbus: the exploitation and repression of Native Americans , said the Rev. John Jenkins, president of Notre Dame.
    It is a "darker side of this story, a side we must acknowledge," Jenkins said in a letter Sunday.
    The murals in the Catholic university's Main Building are painted directly on walls. Jenkins said they will be covered, although they still could be occasionally displayed. A permanent display of photos of the paintings will be created elsewhere with an explanation of their context.
    "We wish to preserve artistic works originally intended to celebrate immigrant Catholics who were marginalized at the time in society, but do so in a way that avoids unintentionally marginalizing others," Jenkins said.
    In 2017, more than 300 students, employees and Notre Dame alumni signed a letter in the campus newspaper that called for the removal of the murals.
    The president of the Native American Student Association praised Jenkins' decision.
    "This is a good step towards acknowledging the full humanity of those native people who have come before us," said Marcus Winchester-Jones of Dowagiac, Michigan.
    But Notre Dame law student Grant Strobl said the decision was disappointing.
    "If we adopt the standard of judging previous generations by current standards, we may reach a point where there are no longer accomplishments to celebrate," Strobl said.

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    WHAT A CROCK.... cowardly SOB is actually AFRAID to concede HISTORY as it really was..... wants to "re-write" it with an "explanation".... excuses, excuses, excuses, and, well, you already know the rest of that particular quote.....

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    If they put a bag over her head we'd accomplish 2 things at once. She couldn't see the murals and, we wouldn't have to see her ugliness.

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    This Country is turning into a cesspool full of low life scum....

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    the really sad part is that none of these "oppressed people" really have a clue as to what "oppression" really is.... they should all be given a class in "oppression" that lasts for about a year, and subjects them to REAL "oppression and racism"..... maybe they'd change their minds and their way of thinking....

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    I guess the moron population of this country would have loved it if Columbus and his crew bowed down to the Indians, gave them everything on the ships, including the ships, and then ask if the Indians could please burn them at the stake forthwith, all to show how the Indians were placed on a pedestal by the explorers.....this is why the United States is a mere shadow of its former self.

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    Why don't they ever tell how American Indians hated those of other tribes? They fought each other, took slaves, tortured those they captured, and tried to kill every Indian of another tribe. Are we to believe they just bowed down to another race......Bullshet....

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    Y'all think that's bad, one day they'll be saying we did the same thing to the gooks. Hard to believe isn't it?

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    Well, Columbus was a racist, using the modern definition of the word. In 1492, he believed that he was part of a more enlightened race because of their belief in Christianity. Just the way it was.

    However, assuming Columbus and his people were nothing but friendly, neighborly, and helpful, tolerant of different religions, etc, they still would have passively caused no end of problems for the natives because of the diseases they brought with them that the natives had no natural immunities for. Is this enough to condemn Columbus and crew? I think not as disease awareness, transmission methods, and vectors were poorly understood, if at all, back then.

    Contact between the New World and the Old World was inevitable. Columbus was just the best known for First Contact. The Vikings had contact with natives up in northeast Canada years before Columbus. They didn't stay as long, but there were still the disease transmissions problems.

    Liberals, et al, keep trying to force modern definitions and values on people who lived centuries ago. Comparing apples to oranges.

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    Exactly. The new species of social animal is responsible for this foolishness of imposing 2019 ideas on 1492 (see Chesty's Hooch for the definition of NAD).

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    doesn't matter a bit WHAT conservatives do a far as accepting the "new values" as presented by the "progressives"... regardless, those people will NEVER be satisfied, and the more that they are given in the way of concessions to their "ideas", the more that DEMAND... the only truly effective way to deal with these people is to call them out ant to their face tell them exactly how stupid they are, slap the living $hit out of them every time they start with their asinine demands, and otherwise ignore them completely...
    In any case, their "demands" are only a "red herring" for what they REALLY want, which is a dictatorship with THEM in charge, and all others regulated to the level of serfs that exist only for the enrichment of the "elite"....

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