Help in Wishing a WWII Rifleman Happy Birthday
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    Help in Wishing a WWII Rifleman Happy Birthday

    If this post is inappropriate, please delete it!! My friend, Sterling Mace, is turning 95 at the 1st of February. I'm leaving for Florida for his surprise birthday party at the end of the month. He fought at Peleliu and Okinawa and wrote the book, "Battleground Pacific". He was in 1st Marines, K 3 5.
    I am trying to get (at least) 95 birthday cards to present to him at his party from his Marine brothers. If you could/would, please send a card to him at my address and I will take them to him for his party. I know this would be a huge surprise for him and mean the world to him. If you are so inclined, please send them:
    Sterling Mace
    c/o Cynthia St. Clair
    3509 Edgewood Dr.
    Amarillo, TX 79109
    Thank you so very much!!

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    Sterling is a member here on L.N. He joined in 2011. Great Marine, to say the least. I will be sending a card.......Thanks for remembering a true Warrior...

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    If it weren’t for Men like this Marine,We’d be speaking Japanese...on way too the Bait shop I’ll get a card and send it out...Go Easy Semper Fi

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    Thank you guys SO much! He will be so grateful!! And shhhhhh...please don't tell him!! If y'all know anyone else who might be interested, please give them my address...THANK YOU!

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    I got a card today for Sterling from Sgt. Cruz!! YAY!! Thank you so very much! He is going to be absolutely delighted! It's in my carry on as we speak. (I got my carry on out to put this kind of thing in so I won't forget to take it. This trip I'm taking decorations and stuff that I usually don't take, so...I'm sort of "pre-packing" the odd things!! Again, Sgt. are a saint! Thank you so very much!!

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    Looks like he was in the 1st Marine Division, K/3/5. They did it all and were in the thick of it from Guadalcanal to Okinawa. I was in the 3/5 myself back in 68. Happy birthday and S/F Marine.

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    Which SGT. Cruz, My Son or Me from Reno ? I'll have to get after that Boy... LOL S/F

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    I asked that this be moved from way down in the WWII section, to Open Squad Bay, for a lot more exposure. We still have some time to get cards in, as requested by the OP.

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    (Just a quick note to say that the OP, Cynthia, says she cannot reply to these posts, for some reason, so I advised her to PM FoxtrotOscar and Mongoose right away.)

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    Try to post now....

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    Should be all right now, Billy, if Kimmer can post here, she should be able to.

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